Thursday, 27 July 2006


A little too busy these days. Too busy. Loads of stuffs to do, less scrapping and blogging. More on studying. However, I can't neglect my friend's Birthday, Yi Wei! Sweet 16th! Well, give him a "fountain" pen. Hope he would cherish it.

Another one is for my 'daughter', Ailsa. She has done loads of stuff for me and made me presents for my birthday as well as father's day.

I figured out that it would be impossible for me to work out a present for her right before my 'o' level's examinations. So, i planned real early to give her this present tommorow. A big thank you. I bought it to school today, hoping to give her after finish my long note to her. I didn't manage to finish due to my many tests today.

I even make a tag for her to use as a bookmark. Hope she'll like it. I even asked it she's okay with coffee/chocolate colour. Many people saw this today and was really envious (right word for it?) by the book a made for her. It seems that Ms Mak wants me to make a card for her CCA coach who's leaving, and she gonna pay me! Thanks for your aprecciation in my passion for crafting and scrapbooking/cardmaking! I'll answer the questions i normally face as 'why a guy like me scrap?' in my upcoming later posts! Posted by Picasa
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  1. AWESOME book! I've been following your blog for quite some time and i am amazed at your talent (expecially for a guy - no offence). I'd love to know the brands of all the goodies you've used in the book as i'd love to "lift" it at some point in time

  2. Thanks!
    I guess you will be shocked when i tell you this... everything i used for the book is by 7 Gypisies! It just come to our local scrapbooking shop. Being a chatterbox and 7 Gypisies person, I bought quite some stuffs on it! I am glad u love it.
    (only the Rub-on, monogram stamp (for cover and tag), is by making memories.

    Thanks for viewing my blog!