Friday, 27 November 2009

I need a big cup of...

watermelon juice right now... will be posting updates soon, i'm real busy yesterday at the wedding with sooooo many people asking me to help them take pictures. but is was a fabulous one i must say. Pin It

Sunday, 22 November 2009

where was I?

sorry to keep you guys waiting so long! i was seriously lazy and was totally irritable in these 12 weeks so i had no motivation and time. (note:i have no time again... thanks to the &*^%^ FH course) but after so long i have decided to blog, seeing that you guys have been looking at that stupid 70-300mm camera lens for so long... so i added more lenses for you guys to see! (not that you're bored already) I made this card not to long ago for our sergeant secret as agreed by my detachment members who think that he deserves some recognition for his role as in instructor. Hope he doesn't tell the rest and rub it in their face... opps!
I brought a prime lens and a BETTER zoom lens which i THINK i am statisfied.... the new camera flash excites me like crazy! however, one MAJOR drawback to this flash is that it makes noises! I seriously need to try them out more often...
This with my camera added-on features, i think i'm gonna have soooooo much trouble carrying it! I am just super happy now that my nightmare is over but i'm really afraid the worst is yet to come in my new posting serving the nation. sigh... till then, SMILE, say cheese!
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