Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Last days together

It will soon be a part where we will go on our seprate ways, pursuing our dreams and fufilling our destiny and reaching towards our goals. But we shall never ever forget who we were with and how and how are slice of memory, our life. Thanks to everyone in the photos who brought joy and impact to my life. Let us work real hard for A's.
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Monday, 22 September 2008


I love taking photos with my new CANON DSLR! But such i pity that i couldn't take it around more and spend more time learning from it. However, whenever I have the chance, I would defintely try my very best to take more of life. But its now just studies and me. Oh yes, its name is called: Paige. Though i normally call it 'baby', it turn most heads around when i say that in school and thoughts of me being crazy due to over-studying...lol.

Here's probably the last card I would be able to make before my A level kicks in. A happy 19th birthday card to shan hong.

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Saturday, 13 September 2008

248 pictures to 28 seconds.

I had some fun trying out my camera by making it work for 6 hours while it connects to the computer automatically an take shots at interval. The result? it makes a really cool 28 seconds video. 6 hours compressed into 28 seconds...really cool. Sigh.. wish i had more time making fun stuffs like this... :( (the one below is of better quality, if you have better internet or flashplayer... you should be able to press the green 'play' button.)

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Saturday, 6 September 2008

Holiday surprise.

Yes... i have been complaining how sucky my camera was in the past year and then it spolit. which made me real mad over it. But now, let me introduce to me my new love: a canon DSLR. It took me quite some time to register in my mind that I have an semi-professional camera. it's totally cool. I am real happy now... there is nothing to complain excepy about the college and studies. But now, there's load of things to learn from the camera.
More teachers' day cards for other teachers which i could not make it time to give to them. happy teachers' day, teachers. you deserve this day.

meanwhile, my holiday sucked. wasn't really studying or relaxing... and the days just blew away... sigh... i hate going back to that school.
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