Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Better not Pout.

Its this time of the year again. We meet up, celebrate talk, drink and enjoy. Time travel really fast, and soon, its new year already. of course, what's christmas without sending any cards? So i did some cards (only 2 however) but i did enjoy making them and i hope those who recieved them will enjoy it as well.
Meanwhile, getting presents is the hardest part of all! You don't know what the person wants and racking your brain out to find a suitable present that is within your price range isn't easy at all. I'm still looking for though christmas eve is today!!!

I hope everyone will have a enjoyable christmas and not feel lonely at this joyful period of the year. You better not pout!

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Tuesday, 16 December 2008

going out.

Angeline and me went to chill at coffee bean in changi airport while waiting for the busy working man gwee to arrive after his work. Before that, i went to border to use the 30% off to buy the first 2 book of eragon... super happy after that. (my consumer surplus shot up) The story goes back when the cashier refused to let me use the 30% discount after angeline used it for her book twlight. The other cashier told him to give me the dicount, but he refused, I was quite angry and left the book there and told them i was not purchasing it anymore. Then back next day to buy. Sigh, the cashier person isn't too kind and should have been more polite.
Notice anything different about me? Gwee obviously couldn't spot details well, but yes, others did! I am wearing contact lens! Sharmaine looks super classy in that white long top.

Both of us just love pushing the luggage trolley, it totally make us feel that we are leaving the country. Going to the airport every time just make me have the impulse to just make a air ticket and travel out of this small sunny island.We took turn to push the trolley. :)

Waiting and waiting for them to quickly get themselves out of the country. It is just so sad to see others travel while you're stuck here. Meanwhile, I have loads to do, but I'm still slacking!

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Thursday, 11 December 2008

3rd 4e1 BBQ

The whole thing starts from the preparation where we have to buy the food, marinate them, and checking off a large number of items for the event. It took almost a week to call and confirm the number of people and informing this and that. all these aren't done in a jiffy.
We were glad the expected number of people has arrived for the party! a few even came with the class t-shirt. of course, what's gathering to remember without photos? so we took loads of it.

My precious camera a.k.a paige has like 90% of it event with her in it.

Don suggested a series of photo shots with all the people and the camera start clicking away while we do different poses for each shot, super fun!

This is probably our very last BBQ together see that we have loads to do and some people wasn't making an effort to come. here's the rest of the photos!

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Thursday, 4 December 2008

Jump-start my life.

After 14 days from the end of a levels was what it took for me to start scrapbooking! And during these 14 days was endless outings, get together, shopping and slacking! But eventually, i am able to start to put things into place. Still, i am not able to free up time to do more stuffs i want to do after 2 years of suffering. Its good to start nice, like this scrapbook layout. Thanks amel for the help!
4e1 clique gathering was totally fun, loads of catch up to do with what we're doing right now and things about the future. I join them the same day as my wisdom teeth exraction surgery, the pain hard to take, but it still it was worth it to meet up with old friends.
Amelene took this photo i think, great job!

Thanks for being so fun guys... catch up again on this saturday's class reunion BBQ! you can see the photos here.

A meet up at settler's cafe was fun fun fun! we played 4 or 5 board games and enjoyed great times that afternoon! We took some photos to remember them too!

A trip back again to singapore's renowned HSBC treetop walk! The view is still as spectacular and beautiful in all direction! it still takes my breath away to be on the bridge look out! we need to explore more parts of macrichite reservoir! But, of course loads and loads of shots were taken from my favourite camera!
This holiday would be more busy but nevertheless, exciting and learn more things! There is loads more things to come! My life is getting a JUMPSTART!

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Sunday, 23 November 2008

hannah's celebration.

Loads of fun things happened during hannah's birthday including a really tone deaf singer and card games. We even had a really later supper together. And one thing i have learnt when giving girls stuff: always have a reciept attached to it, so they can exchange it. :)
click the blog title or here to see the rest of it.
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Saturday, 15 November 2008


Technically, my a-level examinations are not yet over. I still have one paper left but the feeling of it ending and never seeing that school makes me real happy. So need a rest from 2 years and stress and hardwork. Meanwhile, i'm planning to working and put up a good post-a-level's list where i get to complete the things i need to do 2 years ago. Now, I hope that the time ahead of me doesn't end and i would be able to enjoy the most of it.

It been such a long time since i blogged, though there are loads of photos but these are the ones i'll put up first.

The 2 cards (above): I went home to find that my cousin was waiting for me in my room. Though tired, i managed to get the 2 cards done for her teacher's day card. I so tired, i feel asleep right after finishing, unware of her presence.

Construction NOISE: I so have to say f*** to these ash*** who are building within metres of housing estates and making so much noise early in the morning, starting at 8 and ending at 11p.m!!! You know how freaking idoitic that was?!? Unable to end your sleep later and start your sleep earlier?

It made my room so uncondusive for studying! I totally need to complaint! It totally unglify the land and worse, polluting it with so much constructing vehicles (cranes, trucks) I have an ugly view from my window now. The land was to be so nice, though I don't mind them making it ugly, but the noise is just to much to bear.

I totally need a rest, studying so hard. They say: "JC only 2 years what?!?!" but little do they know, how unbearable it was. And i thought 'hey, its over' But no, looking out my window, I HEAR that i'm still suffering. Pin It

Sunday, 19 October 2008

words all around.

Take a break here to atudy for the final war in 16 days time see you
after 14 november.

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Sunday, 5 October 2008

Graduation Day

This took me quite a lot of time to take to upload. Since its the last day of my graduation, I defintely have to bring paige/terylene (its my camera name if you still don't know yet) along with me and go all around snapping with people and classmate anywhere possible.
And not forgetting to snap with people i will miss the most, specially thanks to those YJC friends which i have met here and there. Not seeing you people everyday feels really weird. Thanks for making my day in YJ better and fill the empty and boring times in the school.
As usual, YJ live up to its name in being consistently boring and predictable in every assembly or functions possible. The graduation ceremony was nowhere interesting or truly remembered for. Something which happens to this school a lot. One class after another going up to thank was okay but draggy, the lack of performances make it a whole lot worse. Not wanting to make it bad for my dear old college, but its what been in the minds of most students. I am happy to say not everyone in the college is like that, and mainly those are the one who brightens up people day. :)

I think i am defintely going to miss this class for the everyday lessons and lectures. We have been studying, eating, learning and crapping for close to 2 years now. Thanks for making this time a very memorable and more interesting part of my life. Let it shine on you, 219!

For more pictures of YJ daily lives.
For more pictures of the graduation.

Enjoy the video below!

219 photo video from terence on Vimeo..

For fast loading (but lower resolutions), you can go to seri's blog for the youtube version or eleanor tay's blog for the blogger version.

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Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Last days together

It will soon be a part where we will go on our seprate ways, pursuing our dreams and fufilling our destiny and reaching towards our goals. But we shall never ever forget who we were with and how and how are slice of memory, our life. Thanks to everyone in the photos who brought joy and impact to my life. Let us work real hard for A's.
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Monday, 22 September 2008


I love taking photos with my new CANON DSLR! But such i pity that i couldn't take it around more and spend more time learning from it. However, whenever I have the chance, I would defintely try my very best to take more of life. But its now just studies and me. Oh yes, its name is called: Paige. Though i normally call it 'baby', it turn most heads around when i say that in school and thoughts of me being crazy due to

Here's probably the last card I would be able to make before my A level kicks in. A happy 19th birthday card to shan hong.

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Saturday, 13 September 2008

248 pictures to 28 seconds.

I had some fun trying out my camera by making it work for 6 hours while it connects to the computer automatically an take shots at interval. The result? it makes a really cool 28 seconds video. 6 hours compressed into 28 seconds...really cool. Sigh.. wish i had more time making fun stuffs like this... :( (the one below is of better quality, if you have better internet or flashplayer... you should be able to press the green 'play' button.)

248 pictures to 28 seconds. from terence on Vimeo. Pin It

Saturday, 6 September 2008

Holiday surprise.

Yes... i have been complaining how sucky my camera was in the past year and then it spolit. which made me real mad over it. But now, let me introduce to me my new love: a canon DSLR. It took me quite some time to register in my mind that I have an semi-professional camera. it's totally cool. I am real happy now... there is nothing to complain excepy about the college and studies. But now, there's load of things to learn from the camera.
More teachers' day cards for other teachers which i could not make it time to give to them. happy teachers' day, teachers. you deserve this day.

meanwhile, my holiday sucked. wasn't really studying or relaxing... and the days just blew away... sigh... i hate going back to that school.
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Saturday, 30 August 2008

What was happening...

After NOT BLOGGIN for months, here's some photos to jot my memory of what i did or see for the past weeks:
blood donation
The college had another one of its blood donation, but sadly, this time had very very few people as we J2s are having prelims soon. But i'm gald that i went college to study and donated blood too! Oh yes, thanks hannah for being there too!
National DAY BBQ
This phenomenon occured on the beach near our family BBQ pit, it came out as a waterspout which is featured in many local articles about it. The newspapers say that it occur once a while near the singapore shores and is of no threat as it would dissapear when nearing to land. However, this time, it became a realtively weak dustdevil.
And we were shocked that the waterspout change to a"sand storm" instead. Although, it WAS short lived when it reach the shores, but it already travelled about 12 metres from the sea line and look at the amount of damage it has caused. tents were destroyed and people were running away from the danger zone at that time. Stuffs were flying all over. The worst part was that it blew up sand which really hurt and cause sand all over us espeically our hair. Luckily, no one was hurt.
The BBQ resumed again but with more excitement as it was a "chance" of a lifetime to experience a "safe nature disaster" and see how nature fights back sometimes. (a reminder to SAVE OUR EARTH.) When we all started back to our BBQ, the rain came, and we had to stop for a while and quickly put shelter over the pit and protect our food. (my dad is really cool at setting up such stuffs.) When the rain stopped, he came back with a blow torch. And wow, the BBQ was started up really quickly! COOL!
loads to see, the helicopters pass the beach too.
Then, in the evening, there was a raindow caused by the rain in the afternoon and also the setting sun. It was beautiful.
Teachers' Day
I spent like 5-6 hours making teachers' day cards. And I as say, its hard to get back on track when you have lose your handcrafting skill for so many months. But still I managed to get it done!
College celebration was interesting at some particular parts but the sad and irritating part was that there wasn't more of it. And the place wasn't big enough to house all of us.
Sadly, i was disppointed at the general group of people who was laughing at some particular perfomances as some sang off-key (you will miss it if you did not listen attentively) or went a little off-beat.

making more of the cards to pass on to some of my secondary school teachers which i did not manage to finish and they kinda expecting it.
Also, i think i'm buying a DSLR, but i'm still considering... Canon EOS 450-D really appeals to me. Sigh... to buy or not to buy? Pin It

Monday, 25 August 2008

In the middle of diffculty, lies opportunity.

Here's what i got Amelene for her 18th birthday, i thought it looked really exquisite and elegant. first time I ever used such words to describe my handmade cards. Maybe its the way i see it, because this is a really REALLY long time since i have done scrapbooking and card making. Trust me, it looks harder to come up with such a simple idea when you are eons ago making photos on paper. This card really made me quite happy... as all scrapbookers say, its the process.

Sigh, back to life: in all ways to resist the urge to scrap and blog and study, its so focus and enjoy in these tiring times. Finally, stupid prelims its over and its time to focus on the real WAR. Meanwhile, I am gaining so much weight.
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Friday, 1 August 2008


After rigorous planning and preparation, i finally celebrated my 18th at fish and co! It was PERFECT. The food was great, the people i want to see is there and the reminisce of past event which easily start a whole new conversation! I totally enjoyed it and I'm sure everyone did too.
This is kinda the most touching part, where i was "tricked" into reading a scrapbook journal and unknowingly, the cake came.... wow....! I didn't want them to say any weird cheers or anything but it was too late. Well, at least i didn't have to stand on the chair or something. The kinda sad part was that there wasn't a live band there, but it was fine without it than i thought it would be.
I was quite hyped i guess....kept talking about the cake, cause its really really good. (its tiramisu btw, real good) Everyone finished the cake! It was so sooo good that I eat it whole!! Okay, enough about it.
What more, i received totally amazing presents that was soooo not on my birthday list. Every single present was so thoughtful that i could not get enough of it. One of it was the scrapbook page. Now, who would make me a scrapbook layout when most of the time, I am doing it for other people? wow... they did it. Another I so have to mention is the Royce chocolates which was brought all the way from suntec! I still left 12 pieces of it, out of 20. Too good to eat!
I would like to thank the people who attended my birthday dinner.... in no particular order or what so ever, they are Sinne, Sharmaine, Gershwin, Raphael, Dean, Alvin, Sopheary, Lynn, Amelene and Angeline!

Thanks for such an AMAZING & UNFORGETTABLE 18TH!

Click here for more birthday pictures!
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Monday, 7 July 2008

a few more days to 18.

and meanwhile, i have to suffer. oh yes... my first ever digital scrapbook layout! took me quite a few days to get the hang of adobe CS3. the bluring of the detail took me hours...
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