Sunday, 27 January 2008

Celebrating Values Day.

I was around 20 minslate, but that didn't matter... we are starting at 12p.m anyway... we started early of course (desperately needing to earn profits in order for getting our cost back) we set up quite quickly and started up our stuffs. All busy hanging up the nets and posters or preparing the tables.
Here's a good shot: Kaling making the syrup drink (Lime Barley) with terence hui as the drinks tester. You can see he's really working hard on it.)
Packing the cookies in an attactive way!

Way to go Miss Tan!

Here's one classic that i might never forget. Gilbert (captain of swim team) cross-dressing and also being a target to hit by water bombs! The interesting sign there puts it that he is a GUY, it says, " We are still humans. please do not hit our FACE or VITAL PARTS!" Hmmm.... might want to put this up on the swim team notice board..haha!!

To view the entire picture album, click here or the title of this post.

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Friday, 25 January 2008


Doing up some posters for our stalls tomorrow! here's one poster that I made last night that took me till late night! It cost me a pinch from sandra to keep me awake from econs lecture! super effective.... pinch me when I'm dreaming! These can were cut into half with the help of my dad, as those children art programmes always say, ask an adult to assist you! The foam stamps by making memories is so effective in making the poster look nice. And the chalk pastels are great too!
Here's teacher William telling us on how tomorrow's operation will be like and we have loads of great prizes to be won!! Cool! There will be games, drinks and cookies! wow!

The game would be hitting the cans down using tennis balls and it is great fun! Everyone took a turn in knocking those cans down! Look at how smashed those cans are after being hit many times!
Then after 2 hours of wrapping stuffs and making more posters, we went off to Joyce house to make and pack cookies!!! They are super duper nice and they taste nice too. We ate a few while we pack them!

Her house was pretty much filled with our noises, mainly watching TV and playing PSP while waiting for the cookies to cool before packing them!

Let cross our fingers and hope nothing goes wrong! To view photos, click below.
CVD preparation
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Saturday, 19 January 2008

photos and ice-cream

No link... but they are really a good combination for a smile. Block tests is over and time for some serious studying and s.s.p..... meanwhile... i'll take some rest.

I finally managed to edit my photos to make one photo file to print! So make 4 photos into 1 for print... I did it using photoshop, which cause me a lot of time! (not a familar program i use) Well, it was worth it.
But actually, i did it for the pre-u sem album which has a 5.5 x3" size that i can't print from a normal photo printing shop. and boy... printing them at 5R (6x8") is not cheap. Also, after counting the album many time and thought there were only 16 pages, altering the photos I realised it was 18 pages! so i'll have to print 2 more. soon.

My favourite dessert, Haagen-Dazs ice-cream!!! Got my favourite flavour, tiramsu. (which is also my other favourite dessert) And I finished it within 3 days! A new record! I'm ice-cream crazy i guess! Well, my 2 $10 haagen daz voucher is on the way...woohooo!!! Pin It

Friday, 11 January 2008

One Way.

Thanks amira.
Working on a positive mind.
Half way in finishing the block test.
need a rest.
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Sunday, 6 January 2008

two thousand and eight.

A Lcoloured card disc letter l
Bead Letter F O C U S

Sigh, 565, 600 minutes have just passed by and 2008 has come. Which I am sooooo not ready for yet. This year is the year I suffer and suffer and suffer. No joy in life. This year sucks. (I bet it will) Can't really fit in to the school life and people over there. Just study like mad. I need the energy! Below was the first dawn in 2008. You can't see the sun because its blocked by the buildings :( No happiness. no joy. Trying very hard to embrace this year. I want 2008 to end the moment it starts!

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