Sunday, 23 August 2009

Expired. (things i wanted to tell for a long time)

There are like tons and tons of memories and things i want to write about but as you can see how busy i am once i get home from national service- here's just the gist of it:

1. ZOOM lenses and camera accessories

The lack of money and time obviously only allow me to dream and dream of it only and one dream is to just take tons of photos and capture memories. But more photos = more problem of organising + storing + lack of disk space + increase urgency of scrapbooking. So the camera is put on hold for this moment, so there's no 'zhnging*' of my camera! This camera lens was borrowed from my dad's friend for my passing out parade and was returned promptly to stop me from going gaga over it and getting one in the end. Meanwhile, I'll just dream and look through amazing photos. Here's one from my company mate in the army who does an amazing job at his hobby:

2. Cycle expeditions

we cycled like mad trying to race at the speed of light in order to curve space-time so as to reach the bicycle shop before our rental time. Somehow or rather, we were a few minutes late that means to say we needed to pay a over-night in which i believed would have been pocketed by those bike rental personnels which almost got me in a fury, fortunately, we so called convinced them to charge us the original extra hour charge. We need to have more of these cycling expeditions as a group!

3. 29 Injections

Crazy me actually agreed to the nurse to do the food allergy not knowing that I had to test for so much food (she said it was average 18 injections only but i got more of it!) The 3 hours procedure was quite a nightmare and got me really groggy after that. I would never want to go through that again. ever. basically, I had to done the food test to determine the food that cause me to fall sick soooo many times in my army term. (specifically, I had to be injected with milk, corn, wheat, malt, soy, egg, baker's yeast, garlic, rice, pepper, apple, watermelon, check, pork, tomato, potato, onion, oyster, mushroom, clove, cumin, Cinnamon, coffee, tea, cocoa and 3 control chemicals) I had food hypersensitivity to (try saying it in 1 breath) malt, egg, baker's yeast, watermelon, pork, potato, oyster, coffee, tea, cocoa. So as S says, I have to live with rice and plain porridge and water for the rest of my life? (OK, 6 months of that-the nurse says. but that would mean ending my Avoiding these foods is HARD, so bloody hard. you could say i did these injections for nothing. :)

3. Good Day! (with fist high up, elbows locked)
these people are really funny, enjoyed thick and thin (mostly thin?) with them. Gonna miss those who are posted to other unit! Good Luck!

5. Happy 19th birthday
Thanks for all the birthday wishes that you guys have given been more than a month ago. All presents are appreciated, including this one which i pasted in my army cupboard locker. It just reminds me of needing to get creative which i so need to work on, random doodling might just work....

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