Friday, 8 March 2013

Garden Event coming up!

This is really an exciting time as we celebrate singapore greatest and most talented ladies who never fails to wow with their sweet lovely projects and charming personality. This is really exciting time and I'll have to say that I really love love lurrrrve events like this as all the scrappers gather together and create something new and learn something along the way. Not forgetting the fact that we will get to make more friends and catch up with the old ones!

Catch the projects and information on the Papermarket Blog! Be sure to see you!

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Saturday, 2 March 2013

Boy crazy!

It was really fun working with a HUGE assortment of papers and just so much to work with can make you giddy! So I not only made a Layout but also A card and a tag! I just love the group photo together with all of us training and having fun!

 Here's the close ups I took below!

I also made this cute tag with a red robot (which I really love a lot) and added the enamel dots which are just so fun!!! I added the letter O on the robot for my friend Olivia! Hope she is bring it to wherever she goes in belgium! 

I also made a card for her twin sister which you can see on Papermarket's blog! Funny story: she could find the card to bring over there so I'm really glad I took a photo of it for her so she wouldn't forget! Be safe Cynthia! Loads of love! 

I sense a really really really really busy time coming up ahead, cause even though its my recess week now, I am facing loads of deadlines and working with alot of time constraints! But don't worry, I will try to blog AT LEAST once a week so do pop by frequently! (If my daily blog views are high enough, I think it's time for a give away!)

Meanwhile you can find me on instagram (I just love that app) username: ecneretlee

See yea soon!

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