Sunday, 31 May 2009

Some random deep thoughts.

I just went blog hopping, going through different blogs trying to find out what with their lives right now or just then. I went to find out more about others but ironically, I found myself and that was probably my one time out with this very unique person i find peculiar who always dare to try and want to do. Somewhat i feel the opposite of me, cause i can hardly find myself doing something i'm not confident or have been wanting to try but have not done yet. Thinking of this sometimes makes me feel lousy cause i have the 'I can't' attitude at time and always think that theres someone to push me. Worries of me now and the future is depressing but its something i am not doing about. And so this cycle repeats itself. 'Free like the wind' was what caught me more than myself, i have and i will not worrying and start doing and enjoying the moments now. And hopefully, achieve more than i hope. Thanks to uzy for this picture.
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Sunday, 10 May 2009

Where did my civilian life go?

This is a whole new experience in my life being in the army, as i am told specifically to not disclosed any information related to the defence of singapore. I can only tell you that i'm really tired and i need more sleep!!! I just miss sitting at a windy area and enjoy good tea/coffee and reading my book. Hope there will soon be more time for that.
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