Wednesday, 6 July 2011

it's FULL!

 Thanks everyone for the great support! last month of Love Me Do class has been FULL from the start! I thank everyone for coming to the class and tell me how much they like finishing it and was amazed at the challenge in making the layout! This layout was getting me whiny because I myself had been challenged in designing it but it was totally worth it! it really shows that it is possible to make 3 layouts (or more with just a pack of papers!)

I regret that I did not take a photo of the layout but you can see it on advertisements almost everywhere in plaza sing! I made my brother and the baby a STAR! haha, I sure want him to pay me for helping his advertise his face everywhere! To be honest, I am really shocked when the photos were like all around the mall! And when I'm flipping through the newspaper, I see it stamped as FULL! It was a busy month for me, having to teach 10 of this classes! Once again, a great thank you to everyone who attended the class! You can look out for more price friendly and fun classes over here.

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Sunday, 3 July 2011

My July Class!

Hi everyone! Thanks to those who attended my class on June! I'm glad all of you loved the layout! It's been fun teaching this month's class! I forgot to blog about this month's class! I have designed and will be teaching this class for the month! I'm sure most of you are gonna enjoy this class also! It's called 'Hey Dude' and there is a small story behind the name of this class! I'm sure the people who know this story is giggling right now!!! Haha, but the main point is that this class will be different with all the manly design! haha!

The sp!oosh brochure you see ust a simple project I helped S make for her uni project. My silhouette needs a new blade! So instead we actually cut out all the pieces for the brochure and it still look professional! This is me below actually which I wasn't aware she was taking a photo of me! This reminds me of all the fear and jitters I am getting for my 3 uni camps this month! I'm worried my brain won't start on me when the semester starts.
*fingers crossed*
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Friday, 1 July 2011


Its been a long long time since I last ran! Like super duper long! I'm pretty tired up with work and stuffs so yea. partly because I have planned my time to run sufficiently and I lack of a running buddy. and so this year, I signed up for the most important 2 races I wanted to run and I missed. One of it is the passion run 21km which I had a wedding to attend and the other is the sundown 42km which i was totally unprepared for and unwilling to risk so i decided to actually miss it. I still remain skinny but I'm sure i will be able to keep up the running if I'm focus. So this year I got in the Army Half Marathon competitive team! which I'm pretty excited as all is nicely planned for me. I just have to attend the training. No need to think about where to run or have reminders to run every week. But yet, I almost forgot about the important race this year, the stand chart marathon! anyone interested to join me? 

Okay. time to focus a little bit on scrapbook. Haha, this is the layout which i did like months back! I totally forgot about it and was lazing to post. I actually intended to scrap about my running/triathlon moments so i had the perfect paper to use! I made the layout using crate paper and I curl the paper to fit my photo perfectly. The selection of photos were pretty hard cause the photos pretty ugly (i mean ME) when I'm tired so it took quite some time. You can see from the left photo, I actually put the paper over my moniter screen to choose what I wanted to print!

The rest was pretty easy, the background has a blob of back paint with really nice brush stokes! Nice! and to make the layout more outstanding i actually drew a nice line around the edge! You can also see that  actually used the photo on the right for my blog headline when i revamped it months back! I stamped my timing on the record card. haha. It's pretty rare for me to compete and even more rare for me to be photographed so this layout is out for display instead of being in an album till I make another page of me running!! Pin It