Tuesday, 2 September 2014


Getting crazy over school and trying to be back on track with so many things to catch up on. So the first 3 weeks was this:

1. Emcee for social science welcome tea
Who knew people wanted to hear me talk? Apparently they have to even if they didn't want to. I was called in to do emcee for the social science welcome tea (compulsory for the freshies)

2. Swimming inter-faculty games
I was back on track with my fitness (still fat thou) and manage to get 3rd for the swimming relay. Not training for 8 months puts a troll on your bobby recovery. Time to get back to train. Thanks to the sosciety (its spelt that way) for believing in me!

 3. stamping, catching up and scrapping.
I have a few thousand photos lined up for me to print and scrap and create. Thats what happens when you are away snapping and snapping pictures. Hence, project life is the easy way out but still, it will be years before i finally complete them.

Like the stamp polariods you see? Im selling them.

4. Artdicted 5th annual exhibition.
Back to creating art for the school art club, it reminds me of how much fun i have being an artist and being able to dream big. And they did dream BIG. Good job to the 10th exco! So glad I chose the right people to take over the good work we have done over the last 10 years.

Here's the art making process. Pretty stressful actually. 

A close up. Using epoxy is extremely dangerous and fun!

Feel free to come on down to smu to take a look!

5. study
did i mention I'm studying still? yes i am.

Terence Lee

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