Sunday, 19 October 2008

words all around.

Take a break here to atudy for the final war in 16 days time see you
after 14 november.

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Sunday, 5 October 2008

Graduation Day

This took me quite a lot of time to take to upload. Since its the last day of my graduation, I defintely have to bring paige/terylene (its my camera name if you still don't know yet) along with me and go all around snapping with people and classmate anywhere possible.
And not forgetting to snap with people i will miss the most, specially thanks to those YJC friends which i have met here and there. Not seeing you people everyday feels really weird. Thanks for making my day in YJ better and fill the empty and boring times in the school.
As usual, YJ live up to its name in being consistently boring and predictable in every assembly or functions possible. The graduation ceremony was nowhere interesting or truly remembered for. Something which happens to this school a lot. One class after another going up to thank was okay but draggy, the lack of performances make it a whole lot worse. Not wanting to make it bad for my dear old college, but its what been in the minds of most students. I am happy to say not everyone in the college is like that, and mainly those are the one who brightens up people day. :)

I think i am defintely going to miss this class for the everyday lessons and lectures. We have been studying, eating, learning and crapping for close to 2 years now. Thanks for making this time a very memorable and more interesting part of my life. Let it shine on you, 219!

For more pictures of YJ daily lives.
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Enjoy the video below!

219 photo video from terence on Vimeo..

For fast loading (but lower resolutions), you can go to seri's blog for the youtube version or eleanor tay's blog for the blogger version.

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