Monday, 7 July 2008

a few more days to 18.

and meanwhile, i have to suffer. oh yes... my first ever digital scrapbook layout! took me quite a few days to get the hang of adobe CS3. the bluring of the detail took me hours...
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Wednesday, 2 July 2008


Finishing the competition felt really good. it all over and now's the time to focus and concentrate on studies. During this time, I had enjoyed a couple days off from school, have lunch together as a team and laugh at some of those baldies.

i thought i would say that my nightmares are over, but then again, i was so wrong, prelim starts in 6 weeks, A levels there after. With disappointing results and a boring lifestyle, things aren't the way we want it to be. I just have to work it out and think real positive. For now, I know i can't take one day at a time but to think about and plan for the next and the next next day.

Meanwhile, 18 years of life is reaching. More things to expect from oneself now. Pin It