Sunday, 28 July 2013

Questions. and august class feature.

I realise I work really well at night. Be it scrapping, studying reading on working on my never ending task list. I just seem to be able to finish things better when it's late at night and the cycle goes on and on. 

Well, its been 2 years and I am quite amazed with my self and how I am able to handle so much and get busy so quickly. For the 2 years, people always ask me: ain't you tired? how do you manage your time? Then they always answer the question themselves most of the time: its your hobby so you sure have time for it. 

Truth is, I don't really have much time for anything and it is always a rush from here to there. When I went to laos, though the life is hard (due to the time spend, farming, teaching, weaving baskets, cooking) it seems like the people there had a tough time but they were happy. I guess for me then, it was hard but really managable and you feel like you are in gasp of everything and you spend the time connecting, talking and interacting. 

Not that much when you're back in singapore where you are rushing off from one place to another. Seeing each other not physically but through whatsapp and Facebook. It kinda makes things abit superficial and unsincere. Sometimes, I get a scolding: can you be more tactful when you whatsapp or can you be nicer when you whatsapp, or HELLO~~ can you reply? ---- My answer to that is: if its that important, you would have called me or messaged me privately rather than contact me in a whatsapp group because every day I wake up with 11 different group notifications. It gets annoyed and out of the point. Which is why this leads to another thing about my constant coffee meet ups because this is what builds friendship. Not always through connections. And trust me, ive experienced people who is totally different from who they are and what they whatsapp.

And on that note: I would like to thank people who wished me a happy birthday and took the time and liberty to buy gifts for me, spare me the time for a meal and connect with me. Thank you so much. 

As many may know, I am taking a hiatus now from my work at papermarket to probably seek for more attractive monetary incentives and also take a break. I asked my good friend to recommend me a job and her response was: "i think you really need a break. Stop looking for one first."
And I guess yea. Possibly to take a break first and see what I can do. But with many things coming up, I guess possibly its a little hard. but we shall see.

I'm never good with names or with faces and can tell exactly where I met so-and-so but i can remember people who makes either a good impression (or sometimes and extremely bad one) luckily most are real good which i dont want to forget myself.

In the last 3 months was sure interesting, different but possibly something I'm thankful for before its where I see real teamwork and how one helps another. Thank you to the staff for really treating me well!

And not forgetting the customers who spend their time. I am glad in that 2 years, I made really nice friends and that quite hard to find. 

Here's just a shout out to my next month's class which I grow to love alot. :)

This is my first time writing such a long note and I still have much to say but I'm tired. Its probably time to stop getting overwhelmed and re-look at the pace of life. Focusing on whats important. All on focus.

P.S: leaving on monday morning to taiwan. My break all year. Looking forward to it finally. :) Thanks for reading.

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Saturday, 13 July 2013

Ribbon tutorial 2!

Hi there everyone,

here's a tutorial that everyone's been waiting for, a cool ribbon 8"x8"album cover which is a sneaky to show the 2nd page and still look wonderful with a pink heart shape ribbon on the top! Its a ribbon on ribbon fun! I'm not sure if the photos look little serious but the lighting is a little gloomy cause of the impending raining outside my window. (thats the perfectionist in me speaking) This actually turned out to be real easy and fun and the effect you get from it is totally WORTH IT!

**warning: this is a super photo heavy post! (which i like to do! hahaha)
Here's some sneak peaks on the cover! love adding random stuffs to it!


We will be working from scratch! Firstly, you start off with a 8"x8" chipboard and cut a window with 3/4" at all sides.

2. Print out this heart shape template. (pardon me if the heart shape isn't perfect but its hand-drawned by me!)
Start off with a thin mayarts ribbon, I used it wind around the frame systematically, starting from the top. Add glue on the frame to hold the ribbon in place before winding it.
Note: make sure that it is not too tension or too loose! 

There you see i purposely left gaps here and there cause it doesn't need to be perfect.

Cut one of mayarts lovely pink ribbon into half! I used about 1.2 metres for this one, you can add more if you need more effect.

Then place the hand-drawn template behind the frame. You will be able to see it even though its not that clear.

Next, use the pink ribbon and tie on to one part of the string. Make sure its tight enough to hold the string. Next, weave the ribbon up and down randomly. 

Don't be afraid to add glue if you are worried that your heart shape will go out of place!

End off by gluing or tying to the think ribbon! Decorate However you like!

Part 2 (optional): as you can create your album however you like, this part is unnecessary if you just want a nice frame! I bind this album in a simple way, using washi tapes!

1. put 2 papers side by side and use wash tape

cut off the excess! And use washi tape on the spine of the album as well! That easy!
Here are some pages which I did:

Remember how the cover shows alittle of whats inside? So I added a photo behind the heart shape! You can actually see it at the front cover (realise it now? hahahaha)
some random pages I did... I feel like adding some ribbons to these pages... ;) In case anyone asks, I used Glitz colour me happy collection for the pages and cut outs ! love them!

There you have it! my album is complete! Would you like to try it too?

Let me know when your work is complete! :D

Thanks for the wait everyone! I hope this surprises you! :)

p.s: just wanna say thank you everyone for their support and asking me when they meet me about my progress for the DT call!
(crossing my fingers for the selection!)

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Wednesday, 3 July 2013

My class this month!

"When inspiration hits you, you gotta create." That's what most scrappers love to say and talk about. When people get writer's block, we get scrapper's block. In those cases, it is tough to make magic, you gotta have the mood and time without external stress elements putting you into a roadblock. That being said, the best part of getting inspired would be to take classes or go out for a spin, or just have your friends for company! Its the encouragement you get from your friends that keeps you pushing. Things get fun sometimes... 

Here's my 2 classes which I will be introducing on today: you can find it on papermarket's blog!

this class started out with the lovely photos I got from my picnic out with friends which I will be sure to use to again for gift to them. It's gotta be a lovely and sweet cause of the photos, I can't believe that using mist, sprays and gesso can make things so sweet instead of the usual grungy brown brown things i sometimes make.

I kept this class since may and it took me quite a while to figure out the ways in to creating the gold transparency. I actually love how the calendar looks when it is closed rather than open! This class will be taught by Bee our new teacher instead of me. :)

do sign up for some fun! 

Now for some well-deserved rest. . . 

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Saturday, 15 June 2013

I am a finalist!

Wow. Just wow. This is like my first submission and it is well-recieved. Really, thank you people for all support and stuffs and I am really glad to be one of the selected finalist for this amazing design team call. Can't wait to see what I'll be doing and I am so glad to be part of these wonderful ladies as their design team members. 

Good luck everyone!

 Just also want to say thank you to the people who believed in me and always asked me to sign up for all these DT calls. Really thankful to be surrounded by nice people.

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Sunday, 9 June 2013

All on focus: Ribbons.

As many of you know, my styles are probably diverse and I love to try out different styles with a wide range of colours and mediums as I can. As a scrapbooker for about 8 years, I guess its pretty much to say that my materials are always the one that inspires me and also sometimes a few techniques taught here and there during my time teaching and shared by other teachers, students and friends.

Today I'm focusing on ribbons. One of the many favourite things to use one a scrapbook layout or even a lovely card to brighten things up. It helps create texture, easy to use and is easy to peel off when u need to reposition your work.

I collated 3 of the layouts I did which had alot of use of ribbons and included a easy to do tutorial! Here's one which I have made previously using cut outs and different ribbons to combine the work.
 Love how the butterfly looks like its floating on the ribbon.

Another layered with the use of different ribbons and peals to work on the layout. Just winding it here and there for an added dimension.

Here's one of the popular ones which many had asked me to share and create a tutorial! 
thanks everyone for loving the ribbon frame that I made and got amazed at how easy it is to create one! Whats more, you can pop this ribbon up to create dimension!

How to create the ribbon frame

I started off with just simple materials:
  1. a transparency which you get get from assorted brands
  2. a shape template: here I use a photo as a template
  3. strong glue (beacons work really well.)
  4. Ribbons!! Assorted thickness and colour would be cool.

I started by putting my template behind my transparency and added glue. Try to work to a consistent line with the glue.

After finishing lining the glue, I added the the ribbon and twisted the ribbon in some parts to add effect and added work.
 Optional step, I added a green twine to create a more interesting effect on the brown ribbon frame. (you could add different thin ribbons if you want too!) This is where the ribbon is great for as you can peel off the ribbon without damaging it and added in the ribbon at certain slots.

Next, Its time to cut out the plastic frame.

Cut out the inside parts of the transparency as well.

Tadah! Your very own ribbon frame! 
You could add it to your layout and even use foam dots to pop it up! :)

Thanks for visiting and I hope you have fun working on with a ribbon frame!

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Not just another Sunday

A little recap on my busy 5 months: my third time going to Waikiki organised by the school sports committee and I'll have to say that it was one of the busiest and best time I've had for a long time! Also one of the best time we get to see everyone who has been working out (or not) for this beach event. 

these 2 pretty ladies are going for exchange for the later part of the year I'm probably more alone than ever.... (i think i should wear a cap more often but many diagree.... hmmmmm)

made one of the sweetest card for the lady at her birthday surprise with a melted cake and a lovely card.

Memorable beach times. And in the later part with pies and coffee and great music.

Really enjoyed the music from this amazingly talented acoustic group: Sam willows. You gotta check them out, they even had a tour in america so they are really doing singaporeans proud. 

Got myself 2 CDs and one for a friend. 

More updates soon as I try to work my way out to create more stuffs. So much to say, but there way more to do than I can imagine. More updates soon! 
Leave a comment on what to blog more cause I have too many ideas already! :D

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Friday, 8 March 2013

Garden Event coming up!

This is really an exciting time as we celebrate singapore greatest and most talented ladies who never fails to wow with their sweet lovely projects and charming personality. This is really exciting time and I'll have to say that I really love love lurrrrve events like this as all the scrappers gather together and create something new and learn something along the way. Not forgetting the fact that we will get to make more friends and catch up with the old ones!

Catch the projects and information on the Papermarket Blog! Be sure to see you!

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Saturday, 2 March 2013

Boy crazy!

It was really fun working with a HUGE assortment of papers and just so much to work with can make you giddy! So I not only made a Layout but also A card and a tag! I just love the group photo together with all of us training and having fun!

 Here's the close ups I took below!

I also made this cute tag with a red robot (which I really love a lot) and added the enamel dots which are just so fun!!! I added the letter O on the robot for my friend Olivia! Hope she is bring it to wherever she goes in belgium! 

I also made a card for her twin sister which you can see on Papermarket's blog! Funny story: she could find the card to bring over there so I'm really glad I took a photo of it for her so she wouldn't forget! Be safe Cynthia! Loads of love! 

I sense a really really really really busy time coming up ahead, cause even though its my recess week now, I am facing loads of deadlines and working with alot of time constraints! But don't worry, I will try to blog AT LEAST once a week so do pop by frequently! (If my daily blog views are high enough, I think it's time for a give away!)

Meanwhile you can find me on instagram (I just love that app) username: ecneretlee

See yea soon!

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