Wednesday, 3 July 2013

My class this month!

"When inspiration hits you, you gotta create." That's what most scrappers love to say and talk about. When people get writer's block, we get scrapper's block. In those cases, it is tough to make magic, you gotta have the mood and time without external stress elements putting you into a roadblock. That being said, the best part of getting inspired would be to take classes or go out for a spin, or just have your friends for company! Its the encouragement you get from your friends that keeps you pushing. Things get fun sometimes... 

Here's my 2 classes which I will be introducing on today: you can find it on papermarket's blog!

this class started out with the lovely photos I got from my picnic out with friends which I will be sure to use to again for gift to them. It's gotta be a lovely and sweet cause of the photos, I can't believe that using mist, sprays and gesso can make things so sweet instead of the usual grungy brown brown things i sometimes make.

I kept this class since may and it took me quite a while to figure out the ways in to creating the gold transparency. I actually love how the calendar looks when it is closed rather than open! This class will be taught by Bee our new teacher instead of me. :)

do sign up for some fun! 

Now for some well-deserved rest. . . 

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