Sunday, 28 July 2013

Questions. and august class feature.

I realise I work really well at night. Be it scrapping, studying reading on working on my never ending task list. I just seem to be able to finish things better when it's late at night and the cycle goes on and on. 

Well, its been 2 years and I am quite amazed with my self and how I am able to handle so much and get busy so quickly. For the 2 years, people always ask me: ain't you tired? how do you manage your time? Then they always answer the question themselves most of the time: its your hobby so you sure have time for it. 

Truth is, I don't really have much time for anything and it is always a rush from here to there. When I went to laos, though the life is hard (due to the time spend, farming, teaching, weaving baskets, cooking) it seems like the people there had a tough time but they were happy. I guess for me then, it was hard but really managable and you feel like you are in gasp of everything and you spend the time connecting, talking and interacting. 

Not that much when you're back in singapore where you are rushing off from one place to another. Seeing each other not physically but through whatsapp and Facebook. It kinda makes things abit superficial and unsincere. Sometimes, I get a scolding: can you be more tactful when you whatsapp or can you be nicer when you whatsapp, or HELLO~~ can you reply? ---- My answer to that is: if its that important, you would have called me or messaged me privately rather than contact me in a whatsapp group because every day I wake up with 11 different group notifications. It gets annoyed and out of the point. Which is why this leads to another thing about my constant coffee meet ups because this is what builds friendship. Not always through connections. And trust me, ive experienced people who is totally different from who they are and what they whatsapp.

And on that note: I would like to thank people who wished me a happy birthday and took the time and liberty to buy gifts for me, spare me the time for a meal and connect with me. Thank you so much. 

As many may know, I am taking a hiatus now from my work at papermarket to probably seek for more attractive monetary incentives and also take a break. I asked my good friend to recommend me a job and her response was: "i think you really need a break. Stop looking for one first."
And I guess yea. Possibly to take a break first and see what I can do. But with many things coming up, I guess possibly its a little hard. but we shall see.

I'm never good with names or with faces and can tell exactly where I met so-and-so but i can remember people who makes either a good impression (or sometimes and extremely bad one) luckily most are real good which i dont want to forget myself.

In the last 3 months was sure interesting, different but possibly something I'm thankful for before its where I see real teamwork and how one helps another. Thank you to the staff for really treating me well!

And not forgetting the customers who spend their time. I am glad in that 2 years, I made really nice friends and that quite hard to find. 

Here's just a shout out to my next month's class which I grow to love alot. :)

This is my first time writing such a long note and I still have much to say but I'm tired. Its probably time to stop getting overwhelmed and re-look at the pace of life. Focusing on whats important. All on focus.

P.S: leaving on monday morning to taiwan. My break all year. Looking forward to it finally. :) Thanks for reading.

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  1. Gonna miss you Terence...have fun in Europe...let go...relax ...and enjoy....swan

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