Friday, 20 February 2009

I scrapped again!

2nd layout of the year! I'm a happy though it was like so much simpler than my usual layouts. This seems so much easier though it still isn't easy to start like the last time. Meanwhile, I'm enjoying my self working at my most happy place in the world, my friend calls it my '2nd home' and this means i am so much closer to the scrapbook scene! Hope for more scrapbook mojo...
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Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Learning from photography.

I have been asked by people I know about photography, how to take photos in what setting, what this means and how it affects your photos and the most important question is how did you learn all this. Well, i started learning photography from my secondary school art teacher i owe her much in helping me discover the joy of photography. And the discovery of scrapbooking even boost my love for photos even further as it combines my childhood interest in crafts and new found love for photography.
I am really not an expert in photography and the first time i hold a DSLR (not mine) i did a pretty sucky job as a "paid"photographer from very friendly fellow scrapbookers but i did not give up. Looking for inspiring always keep me intersted in photography. Here's some websites i would like to share (hope that is doesn't count as copyright infringement):
The photos that mostly amaze people are photos from newpapers and magazines and this website is outstanding in telling a story by showing a picture for an event happening. Something that interest me would be hpw these photos could mean so much. The high resolution photos made it more atonishing.
This is another photographer which goes around taking photos which i totally admires. He kinda inspires me to hold that huge black heavy gadget and be so proud of it. Being name a family photographer means a lot now. Loads of my friends want to take shots that are candid or natural but it is hard to get: this website shows that you can.
Without doubt, a female photographer who share knowledge on photography, loads to learn from her blog. Don't know what the hell is aperture? Here you know.
another scrapbooker+photographer: my role model!
A wedsite that i subscribe to my e-mail as it has loads and loads of crazy ideas to share and fun tricks to learn! basically, a website that any photographer cannot miss!

Okay. That's it. Perhaps next time i'll share my own tips on photography if i have any. :) Pin It