Saturday, 24 December 2005

My gift.

This is a the girl in the scrap page shown. She's real cute, only 5 and she could take this focal picture so maturely, and i love this embellishment made, the big orange shiny 5 below, sweet isn't it, it was when i made a big mistake when i wrote 2004 instead of 2005, i replace the '4' by covering it with a cute '5', notice how it shines, i made is accidently from a normal cutout 5 and painted on with an orange ( i hate the orginal chipboard colour: dull grey) then i use liquid glue and smeared it over and added a clear embossing power and heated and repeated the procces until i'm happy with it. Nice right? quite easy and beatuiful.
Anyway this is a gift to her for a merry christmas, ( i kinda bias, i onli gave her a present, i didn't make others for the other two, too bad for the season of giving...)

Merry christmas, Everyone!!!
And a happy new year, in case i am lazy to blog and add posts..and also Happy chinese new year! Posted by Picasa Pin It

My Scrap Page

This ones my favorite!!! Why because its really cute, and from making memories class!!! Isn't it sweet, their paint class is really good! I love it anyway with a real big tag below. Hoped you like it too!
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3rd page now.

This ones at grand canyon and there more photos...haven't been done yet!

P.S: I kept one ahesive ablum and waiting for it to age!! Its from my aunt and uncle who put their vaction photos into it, i have this problems and given you solutions with my exiperience, and that why i am scrapping for them on their vacation photos! Posted by Picasa Pin It

2ND page of the honey Moon

Yes, this IS the second page made by me, better now?? ( My aunt and uncle is at below, the last two) well, this page is easier to make nautally, with a bigger photo. noticed that the two ble papers is sewn by me (of course) is earier to show the constrast....

Tip (continued): ... the ahesive acid even destroys the paper itself, as it age, the hard paper edges starts to yellow then turn to the worse the whole papers yellows including the photos!!! Once u read this post u might wanna take it out NOW. But hold still, after years, the ahesive may bond to the photo until u have to force them out, but don't!! you can use a letter opener (sold at all leading bookstores/ get from me) to "slice " them out, but if u can't, and it still resists, but force pressure to spoil your photos!! There's still another way buy a Ahesive Remover pen from 3m scotch�, directions are given on the pen as to how to remove the ahesive so you need not worry about that. And trust me on the ahesive album.
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10 year ago..The Lovely Honey Moon

This is the very first page of my aunt and uncle which i scrap for them its not really that nice because i didn't have much time, but it is really good for me. Its my first page. What can i say? There's more to come trust me.

Tip: Do not use ahesive bond albums, a lot of people used that for its price and convient advantage to place photo ur way of any size. Yes, I admit its pretty good, BUT it comes with a big price, after years the ahesive page had already attacked the photos causing them to detoriate very quick, in about twenty years, your photo will be spoiled completely and wads more.... (to be continued... continued tip will be in the above post)
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Yes, still in a mess, but news here!!! I saw this really really nice Making Memories� modular organization system!! With magnetic, cloth, chalk board panel accompanied by tins, trays, clips and more, I can turn my crafting area into orgainzed art!! Isn't it sweet, but in the meantime....i have to keep dreaming, i can't find any websities that sells this thing!! Can you believe it? Its so good but no one sells it, why, haven't i searched deep enough for it?? Posted by Picasa Pin It

Creative MESS....

Well, i can't expect much from my room..with small space to work, really bad storages for my scrapbooking item...everythings gone eyelets, brads, papers, scraps, photos, stampset, punches, glue and many more.(afraid to scare or bore u out on its mess) You can call it creative mess, (or beyond the mess) its a real big trouble handling stuffs and putting them back, and its not convient to scrap on my table with stash around me, sometime i even have to work on the floor can you believe it!! I'm really sick of it, i really hope i could be provided bby people with storage solutions, i've looked in quite a few now, from magazines to scrapbooking websites, still with no avail. For those who have seen any wonderful storage for paper 12" by 12" pls contact me thanks!!! Posted by Picasa Pin It

Friday, 18 November 2005

Merry ChristMas

Merry ChristMas�.
Ha-ha... Yes not Christmas yet I know�Far away isn�t it...busy working on Christmas cards...Dreadful...i'm really out of good ideas!!! squeezing all my creative juices and still�I could only come out with only one design card� i was trying to show you people the picture, but its just that my camera has no batteries�i am lazy to buy them if u want to see them..tell me..and i'll buy the batteries
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Yes...New Changes, new stuffs... new recaps.... just the same to everyday lifes. its good to change, but always remember the past and mistakes, thus not making the same old ones in the future. This blog not not like the '6.30 a.m i woke up..sian go school..sian...blah blah' so hope to see views and new of the juiciest days and happiest expriences in my life...wad i see hear talk..felt will be revealed...not to mentions..more arts and scrapbooking!!!
*smile* if there is any comments or ideas or mistakes to me thanks. I greatly thank all of you who had view my blog and please hope to see new stuffs in the future. By the way the pic is my nephew... If ur asking... Pin It