Saturday, 24 December 2005

2ND page of the honey Moon

Yes, this IS the second page made by me, better now?? ( My aunt and uncle is at below, the last two) well, this page is easier to make nautally, with a bigger photo. noticed that the two ble papers is sewn by me (of course) is earier to show the constrast....

Tip (continued): ... the ahesive acid even destroys the paper itself, as it age, the hard paper edges starts to yellow then turn to the worse the whole papers yellows including the photos!!! Once u read this post u might wanna take it out NOW. But hold still, after years, the ahesive may bond to the photo until u have to force them out, but don't!! you can use a letter opener (sold at all leading bookstores/ get from me) to "slice " them out, but if u can't, and it still resists, but force pressure to spoil your photos!! There's still another way buy a Ahesive Remover pen from 3m scotch�, directions are given on the pen as to how to remove the ahesive so you need not worry about that. And trust me on the ahesive album.
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