Saturday, 30 June 2012

My two classes for the month of June!

As usual, lot of you have been asking me for a long time if I am designing classes! So for my favourite month, I have designed two classes instead! And what would be most cool about it is that it will be held in two different Papermarket Outlets and also the classes which I decided are so different that you would think it is not designed by me. (or it is done by a bi-polar disorder person)

  1. The first class will be held at Plaza Sing Papermarket. Imagine using ONLY studio calico papers (my favourite) and an paper album from october afternoon to create this amazingly graphical layout which emphasises on the art of graphical design and mixes a blend of vintage and modern papers to create this stylish yet classical layouts. Sweet and astonishing!
Here's a closer look:

2.   The second project which is held at Papermarket would be a shadow box/album which is combined together! Using tons of embossing Powder (each gets a bottle home) and also using half a bottle of mica flakes. It is a really cool, tim holtz kind of album with tons and tons of metal trinkets and 3D embellishments! 

My favourite part is actually the front cover...

Sign Up at Papermarket for these two projects and see you there!

keep smashing'! Im almost done with front cover! doing the insides soon!

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Monday, 18 June 2012

Lets go go!

 I was actually holding on to this album and leaving it half finished for a really really long time! (probably 3 years now.) Really extremely glad that I had it over and done with. I painted it and sand the edges off and did it here and there during the whole time. Heres a look at the insides of the album.


Add random stickers and embellishments in to the album. Making it actually really super thick.

These Photos are actually taken like 5 years ago. So you see the extend of the period.

Really love how the ribbons actually look like in the end. Adding every single scrap and stuffs I have on to the binder.

Also, because I didn't have any black ribbons or deep red ones to fit my album, I used glimmer glam and paint over the ribbons. Perfect!

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Saturday, 16 June 2012

Harry potter!

Okay my mojo is working at full force so last night I completed a Harry potter layout which I use a whole lot of different mediums.
The whole lot of mediums I used:
  • red, transparent, black glimmer glam. 
  • Sliver and gold pigment inks. 
  • black enamel accent
  • distress embossing powders
  • black stamping ink

 A little crazy but it was totally worth it! I actually didn't mess up anything at all and I only use 1 paint brush! (which i just keep washing it)

Totally enjoyed the harry potter trip! We wee actually quite worried if it would be crowded. But it wasn't. :)

And also I cut out all of the designs from the paper bag that they gave us! (see the below picture) Wooohooo! scrappers saving trick!

Meanwhile, I have prepared my two classes for the month of July! (sneak peek soon)
and there is definitely more coming up! so stay tuned!

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Saturday, 2 June 2012


Back from Laos and getting more inspired than ever. created a layout from the twines I ordered with Ka Ren! Have to really thank for delivering all the way to my work place!

You can see that I have already started using them already!

One of the cutest forest papers I have worked with! i really really really like the animals i cut out.
and also, I use my journalling with my old typewriter again, as you might have noticed from my previous few layouts! Super convenient now that I able to type and not go through the trouble of using my computer to print and the typewriter form really works well with anything.
 here are some close ups from the layout. Painstakingly cut out animals which really is super nice on this layout. It actually has been cut out for a long time before I left laos and it is finally used!!!

A question people always ask: what is your scrapping style? 
Me: No idea. :D

Still enjoying my twines! thanks Karen again!!!

P.S: papermarket having a 50% sale! woots!!! 

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