Sunday, 31 December 2006

Bye 2006.

Taking this exit from 2006. Welcoming 2007, i am writing this on the very last day on 2006. What can i say?

i needed to put this seriously, life is full of regrets, there's highs and lows. I remember my teacher once told me, when ever you're at high, you're soon be low, and of course when your feeling low, you're soon be cheering up again. My words to you, my best friend, benjamin gwee.... a happy birthday to you.

I will put up my resloutions this year. (the first time i had ever made one.) and of course, i need myself and your help to put myslef to the test. I can do it.

A happy new year everyone, with better times ahead, and greater moments to remember, the past is a lesson and the future is a test. Put your greatest effort to it.

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My Lunch Box.

Finally, its done. I removed everything that was on my lunch box, i tear, rubbed, scrape as good as i could.
Then, i started look at papers, and there you have it, my favourite rhonna farrer papers! they were great.
i added on chatter box tile stickers! (the quotes!)
and i did a page pebble with my name on it! ( i did the same one on my phone!)

i added a tag on my altered box as an accessorie...

i'm lazy... not scrapbooking enough not productive. frankly, i've have not put up my photos into the net, i have tons of them.... the chalet, the camp i had recently.... i am super busy (or plain lazy) sitting in front of the computer is a chore, althought i had many times infront of it.

TSL is back yeah!!! i was in today at 12.01 a.m, as the 21st member in the!!!!

I love my lunch box. Still thinking of what to put on it though. Pin It

Thursday, 21 December 2006

Merry Christmas.

Christmas nearing and bad luck is falling on me eversince, my camera spoilt, idoitic cousins ruining my tools and suppiles of scrapbook. (DOn't you hate it when people touch things without your permission, least to say, your presence.)

well, i did a few stuffs, lazy to post, make a little christmas coaster album by sharon (scrap diva) during the TSL crop session.

i wrote: I am thankful for...
1.lots of love
2.strong family relationships
3.a comfy home
4.supportive friends :)
5.a healthy body
6.scrapbooking procceses
7.a creative mind scrapbook suppiles
9.a working computer
10.everything i own!

another 2 cards for made for my dad's oversea friends and also put up for the TSL challenge too.

i would make a few more... for my friends, but seriously not in the mood, so many bad thing happening to me, makes me fustrated, i would just take a book out and pretend nothing happened.
But now i really can't. my camera is spoil when i use brute force to pull out a damaged (not by me) card and there is nothing i could do except two choices:

1. buy a new camera. (a better one of course)

2. repair it. (please e-mail me if u know of any camera repairs in singapore)

i remade my MWL lunch box... super happy with it! i'll hope i'll take a pic of it soon!!!

on a happy note, MERRY CHRISTMAS! Pin It

Tuesday, 5 December 2006


Something i probably guess i have not much interest and i am sure i'll will not continue to work on it, unless for lesiure of course.
This boring sunday had me and cousins whinign for the whole afternoon, we drove to strange places from mosquito infested rivers. (thanks to my dad)
This was where we saw this wooden brige and decided to take some shots of it. But in a few moments, we headed off to another area.

This time, it was even more boring. Broken tiles, dog feaces, concrete waste, you name it, its there. This place was worse than we expected and we went there for no place to go. And worse, they caught NOTHING.

Of course, time is easily wasted when they camera is out. And there we had.... many shoots. Proud to be their photographer, my photogenic cousins.

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Wednesday, 29 November 2006

525600 Minutes.

This song was stuckin my head after finishing the movie... this song is totally great! It's a pity i missed out our own school performance on this song... really, this song is very meaningful, i gotta put it in my scrapbooks.

365 days X 24 Hours X 60 minutes = 525600 minutes

Five Hundred Twenty-Five Thousand Six Hundred Minutes

Five Hundred Twenty-Five Thousand Moments So Dear

Five Hundred Twenty-Five Thousand Six Hundred Minutes

How Do You Measure - Measure A Year?

In Daylights - In Sunsets

In Midnights - In Cups Of Coffee

In Inches - In Miles

In Laughter - In Strife

In - Five Hundred Twenty-Five Thousand Six Hundred Minutes

How Do You Measure A Year In The Life

How About Love?

How About Love?

How About Love?

Measure In Love

Seasons Of Love

Seasons Of Love


Five Hundred Twenty-Five Thousand Six Hundred Minutes

Five Hundred Twenty-Five Thousand Journeys

To Plan Five Hundred

Twenty-Five Thousand Six Hundred Minutes

How Do You Measure The Life Of A Woman Or A Man?


In Truths That She Learned

Or In Times That He Cried

In Bridges He Burned

Or The Way That She Died


It's Time Now - To Sing Out

Tho' The Story Never Ends

Let's Celebrate

Remember A Year In The Life Of Friends

Remember The Love

Remember The Love

Remember The Love

Measure In Love


Measure, Measure Your Life In Love


Seasons Of Love... Seasons Of Love

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Friday, 24 November 2006

Vivo City Trip

Yes... this is the first time everyone of us is getting there. Spending family time is indeed enjoying! It was quite crowded there, we had to really squeeze from place to place.

It was fun... and also a time for me to take out my point-and-shoot! I love this photo, using the spotlight in the lobby. This was always how i get my inspiration from, i observe. Once i get to imagine the look of a photograph, i take out my camera like a cowboy in a gun duel. and there it is, a perfect shot. I think my family understood very clearly this rule: not taking photos is a BIG NO-NO. and they got hole of their poses really well.

And somehow, some photos are always unexpected, like this one, where we were looking for this two girls as they are playing the water, she repiled with that look when we told them of the search. and yes, unexpect, right at the second, i pushed my shutter button, and i got it... well done!

this photo had my camera pretty risky, i hold out my camera out of the edge (as you can see) to get the look, which i had experimented with my previous shots in the same conditions.

take camera take a pretty quick skill too, i had to place my active little cousin up this pink sulpture and take many shots as possible int hat short amount of time, for fear that she may topple off.. and indeed, she handed her poses pretty well too. it seems like all my family are models, and very experience one too, i have to admit that they are so much better than me posing myself on the camera, i need practise.

well, this week is hectic... and thanks aqiah for dropping by, you sparked me to update! well, i have to go collect my 186 photos tommorrow, and fianlly start on a new album. A family album. Pin It

Wednesday, 22 November 2006


After a few answers from people who have been there, mostly eoin and li-sa, i went with my cousin and my cousin's cousin a few weeks back. (is it called distant cousin?) Well, i would say from my point m(u may not agree with me though) i couldn't really feel what some of the artist is trying to say (no offense), and some doesn't link with the theme: belief. ( point of view) Nevertheless, i saw and felt things i have never experience.
It was tiring for the three of us as we move from one destination to another.... did i mention VERY tiring?

oh well, beinnale is now over, i wonder if there is more like this exhibitions in the future...

click the title for more pictues.
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Tuesday, 21 November 2006

Happy Belated Birthday, Yan Jie

Same thing here... more photos, click the title.

And yes, another opportunity to bring out the camera even if it was during the o level period.
we had a surprise celebration for him while he and some others studied at gershwin's viod deck. It was a rush, but we did it. He knew nothing until the cake came out, and he blew the candles. Perfect.

Its getting more tedious to blog!!! Which explains my procrastination. More post out!

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Thursday, 16 November 2006

Class Photos

My classmates,
Click the above title for the class graduation gallery.
More photos to come in the next few days.
Play your part by e-malling me your journal for thanking miss teo to make a thank you album for her, free feel to write other stuffs but please write within the theme (answer this question: what she has done for you?).

My friends,
More time to scrap after o's! yay!!!
Be sure to catch my other scrapbook, altered stuffs soon!

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Saturday, 26 August 2006

My blog is back at....

12.15 a.m!!! Yes.... finally! I was really happy and shocked with how effective the blogger is when i wrote in the suggestions.... sorry to keep everyone coming back to check on this. I thank and welcome you BACK to this unchanged daily moments back.

I was really excited when blogger came up with a BETA version, i thought it was my chance to change my blog template. Unforunately, problems start to arise as the blogger tools aren't working really well. I was tearing my hair out to keep this blog online, and my stupid computer isn't helping me with it.

I recieved a comment from a SCRAPPING friend who was amazed for what i did and enjoy (scrapbooking , ofc course) i don't know why the comment was deleted!!! But please keep in contact with me! I really want to know your name and the small town you came from!

I don't mind making more scrapping friends from round the world, do add me in your msn at if you want me to link you, do tell me too!

There so much to tell but i hope i don't lose my MOJO in telling my story. Be sure to keep up the many coming updates! Pin It

Monday, 14 August 2006

True Confessions: Art.

Really... I have no time to blog.

But here it is, another Layout i did during a National Day Virtual Crop in the Scrappers Loft. And guess what?!? I won the 1st challenge, well quite lucky actually and i got free 5 American Cafts Pattern papers by the newly launched velvet cat!!!

I went to collect at their newly launched party... NICE!

Really busy these days.... and my computer has some problems recently, It will hang when i click on stuffs like 'My Documents' and 'My computers'. The other programmes worked FINE. (which is why i could blog)

I didn't even have time to work on Estelle's Doodle Book! Please don't blame me.... got loads on my head.. homework is snowballed due to the unplanned timings. I also have to get a super big brad for her book! Will blog when the computwer is back to normal. Posted by Picasa Pin It

Friday, 11 August 2006

Thailand Trip.

Well, not my trip anyway... I went there once with my family and cousins a few years back. But i just found some really beautiful photos of their trip when they wanted me to burn a CD to keep these precious photos.

I am surprise how some of the photos look so pretty with great lighting and and perfect photo composure... they're using the same brand and model of camera as me!!!

Just little tip from creating keepsakes magazine from my research: A CD-rom is generally assumed for a life span of 10 years. 61% owners who owns a digital camera said they've lost digital photos. I won't eleborate on how the risk is in not keep your photos and safeguard against losing them. I am very worried of my own condition, i guess i would have to backup or burn a CD. Another great solution is to upload all ur photos in the internet gallery... just like what i am doing now... JUST IN CASE.
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Wednesday, 9 August 2006

Happy 41st Birthday, Singapore!

Another Year older.... More changes, in the economy, life, living standards, education and blah. There's just so much happenings around our country... glad to stay in singapore.

Just having fun with my camera with the national flagpole in our school.... hope to have time scrapping this out. (photos ready!) But, of course, studies now come first.

Just to say it again...

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Monday, 7 August 2006

Scraps News.

Specially extracted from the article
The Sunday Times
July 30, 2006
Sold on scraps
By Hannah Tan
"Even guys scrapbook nowadays.These include boyfriends whose girlfriends drag
them into the hobby, to fathers who take greater enthusiasm in photographing
family with the knowledge that their wives need the visual content for
pages, says Ms Tan, whose husband encouraged her to set up her own
online store."

Here's some enteraining comics on scrapbooking.... hey, it shows. Guys scrapbook too and with more and more... I hope. Posted by Picasa Pin It

The old and daily.

As promised... a picture of estelle. This reminds me of: "This picture looks like a scene whereby a girl is holding a camera... this girl looks unprepared when this picture is taken, i guess she didn't notice the person who is hold the camera.....blah..blah" Sigh. I look like i am practising my english oral examination which is this coming friday, please wish me luck when this day comes... i even have to receive my chinese results before that. Sorry estelle, hope u don't be angry with this picture... i want to print it and put it into ur doodle book (which is still under planning due to costly features) I do have to admit.... its the one and only estelle... many people look beautiful without posing....that's why kids does this best the most... Curently, there is a new paper "express yourself contest", estelle please e-mail this picture.... (win $$$ must give me some!) go check out on their website !!!
Scenes at our class P.E on Friday... Everyone was actively particpating in different activites... volleyball, badmintion and the famous football. Its quite hard to hit a ball acuratly, but i bet it will be better with more practise... hope to do this again on Friday! I just can't stop to take pictures... glad no one noticed!

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Wednesday, 2 August 2006

Not on Focus.

Shoot... busy... really busy... but here some little stuffs even the busiest me would have put up for all to see...

Another card for a the school's running team wanted me to do. I am PAID for it... ! woohoo! I've quite some time doing this hoping not to disappoint my customers...! Opps, my pay haven't get to me yet...!?! I love those little words stamps and the huge 'T' monogram (which stands for Thanks) by making memories ! Don't you love it..??? 7G patternpapers....i just can't get over it..! I am happy that Ms Mak (my chinese teacher and also one of the customer for this card) was statisfied with it. Really. I took this shot when i am in class... 7 in the morning! So tired.

Here's something you've missed out... SCRAPS contest for youths... its scrapbooking OKAY! By the way, the winner for this event was a first time scrappers who is a male and female.

I am really sad for not joining this competition. ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS! How could have missed it!!! *SOB* Well, on the brighter side, i went socialising with many people including the owner of the scrapbooking cove! Gotta thank eugene from the scrappers loft for that...

Here's a random pic of the one of the works from the competition... sorry...i didn't manage to get more photos... my camera batteries wasn't charged at that time!!!

Did I post this photo yet??? Hope not, love the smiles from everyone of them.... great friends! More post coming up.... (estelle, i'm gonna post a really cool self porait of you.... its really nice!)
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