Sunday, 29 August 2010


I love ice-cream. so very much. It became part of my life. eating it when i'm happy, sad, stressed out or too relaxed. Haha, yes, i'm kind of a ice-cream junkie. These 2 shop brand seems to be the top of the notch in the ice-cream world where people start to rate the no. of special flavours they have. which i totally recommend you to try. I never fail to tell the ice-cream vendor that i finish ice-cream within a month. and with a big spoon. That's it. 
These are the cards i made quite a few months ago for my friends for their birthdays. These cards remind me that i'm still in touch with scrapbooking. However, i haven't churn out a scrapbook page for this year and didn't even complete my scrapbook album. perhaps its time to go for lessons now? i need my life back. its really sad now with so many politics that just make me fear to do any political science electives in my future university course. So hard to keep up my own creative life which i slipping away further and further from me. and worse of all, i bought a cutter machine and so far i only made only 2 cards with it, you can see one of it here with the Fred Perry logo. which was pretty tedious. but i think my friend doesn't appreciate it. Oh well, time to jump start my creative life! In the sporty side, i haven't worked out for more than a month! horrible. with half marathon next month and a triathlon following that. Im so dead.
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