Tuesday, 14 April 2009

The last night of freedom.

I know i haven't been blogging for quite some time, and that is because i've been working, enjoying and slacking every second i count before i go in to the army. Its kinda weird feeling, knowing you'll be in there for 3 weeks. So I spend my last few days trying ym very best to enjoy and make full use of the time. Hence, we went out on our last night of freedom gathering today and yesterday!!! Thanks guys for celebrating with us!
I climbed up the slope to see the beautiful cityline, thanks M for recommending it! I get to slide down too!
I was browsing through the newspaper to day just to see a familar face: my junior suffers from a condition called aplastic anemia (i hope i got it right) and she needs to find a suitable bone marrow donor and that is like looking for a needle in a haystick, but i'm so glad that she is living in hope and is joyful always! Please help if you can by testing whether you are a suitable donor or not, i have asked for details and will get it posted soon.
In preparation of the army, the fear i have of leaving home is the probabilty of my cousins/friends/whoever touching my precious scrapbook tool and expensive gadgets! Funny or not, I actually locked up anything (this includes my new crop-a-dile!) i fear will go into the wrong hands and put loads of notices in my scrapbook tools drawer and give strict warnings on it. I had an incident long ago, where they actually took out my inkpads and stamp them all over the paper, this of course results in drying inkpads!!! ARGH! So i lock it all up now! This is one of the things i will miss seeing in singapore, lovely sunrise! Look at the colours! Its so beautiful! My cousin and I took the photo while going to pray for my grandparents! well, I will be share my military experience with you ppl in 3 weeks time!!! :)
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