Friday, 30 June 2006


Haha.. this is just for everyone who's in the council and concerned about it...

Sorry... the photos a bit over exposed... the guy should have taken with himself suarted down... so not my fault okay!
Major intensive clearing of room.... i got soooo many things to do... no one to help sigh.... life's hard.

There are 2 groups: Those who do the work and those who take the credit. Just try to be in the first group; there is less competition there.
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Thursday, 29 June 2006

Electrolysis Experiment

If you're good, you could have guessed what's this post about. Chemistry with ELECTRICITY! Great fun! Got sooo many things about chemistry to learn from, probably a reason why i had a sudden like for chemistry.

I bought the school's camera and planned to return it to Miss Tan as poor Miss Lai is sick. While happy thing about the trip, i forgot about the camera instantly and got on to the trip. I remember and asked Miss Lee to take some photos while we're on the experiment.

And Boy! great photos she took... some of them are hers and some are mine, see if you could spot the difference!

To view more.... click here.

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Friday, 23 June 2006

Camp photos: Day 1

Haha.... Got some great pictures thanks to Miss lai's School Camera.... (she's sick now... hope she get well soon.) photos of the day 1 camp are now uploaded!! Including field games, hike, Night games(not shown) and even more.... You can click here to look at the pictures. For campers and instrustors feel free to look at these pictures and comment in my tagboard. Day 2 photo will be ready, however day 3 camp photos might not be posted or taken.
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Thursday, 22 June 2006

I scrap...

This LO which i took a long long time to do, is finally done and e-mailed to the challenge. Please enjoy.. i have to head off for camp now... not back until afternoon Sat. Posted by Picasa Pin It

Layout Clue- #5

Trying my best to type this, its now close to 2 a.m!!! Oh gosh, have to wake up at 6.35 tommorrow... phew, i finish this clue and another LO for a SDU challenge before i go camp...

I love this LO... the Left bottom side is blank... for a photo CD... so please wait for me to be free to burn it...

As the the picture of the LO of the SDU challenge... i'm gonna see if the Creative Team allows me to show it or not... And will update about the LOST camera... thanks, I'm off to slp. Posted by Picasa Pin It

Tuesday, 20 June 2006

Sentosa Trip Again...

... and this time we're heading the beach. Silso Beach I think... it was really fun.. and that's my leg, imagine me taking a photo of my leg myself... Yup, i took this photo myself. Great.

Here's want that i like a lot... not as in him I suppose, but the way he looked at the camera, and the way i took it... altough i had my leg there too...

Here's one with my cousin and uncle on the Luge.. i think its called LUGE.. hmm... can't remember clearly... but this photos nice of course.

Okay... the nice veiw of silso beach.. it was time to head to dinner... I'm hungry...

For more photos, click here.
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Monday, 19 June 2006

Made With Love Advert...

...with my layout on it! Elvira just told me this... thanks! (my layout: blue, below left.) Great Thanks Made with Love! This advert is from 'MUM CENTRE- everything for mum' a Free Magazine, Issue 5. Check It out.

Further update, the survivor challenge at MWL has this badge with our name on it... NICE! I didn't know the pink and black fits well. Posted by Picasa Pin It

Sunday, 18 June 2006

Clue #4: commitment

Yay!! My 4th layout for the crossword puzzle... i am half and hour before the deadline, phew! I've done it finally...

Heres it... click for a bigger picture if you want...

Journal: A Hobby I picked up a year ago, helped me to find thing that i didn't know of myslef and allowed me to find a creative outlet of mine. This Hobby changed my life, and gave many ideas.

Psst....This is the first time i'm journaling with my own handwriting and showing it to people... PLEASE DON"T LAUGH....

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Out Scrap, Out Last, Out shop... survive to the fittest.

My Team rocks!!! I love this group... although we lose... we still stand out and out together... everyone was on a 'high'... although we can't spell after mid-night.
here's some photos... these includes the survivor challenge as well as the make-and-take which i attend after long hours of waiting. And not to be missed... our competitior tribe... everyone had fun... so did I... More update posts on happy news later....

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Friday, 16 June 2006

Private BBQ.

We had the time of our lives... a one time to have it together...

The great views at the east coast park makes me feel so refreshed and in the mood for some photo taking... but to my regret... i forgot a family shot together... sigh...

But then again, we REALLY had fun... it won't be the fun again when our school "spoils" us with 'interesting" tests, and piled up homework and revisions... oh..... i "LOVE" it...

I even had a great picture of amlene walking down the beach.. so COOL! She's so photogenic! Great for shot!

Here's one of Hui qi and siang hoon... they look GREAT! Nice shot... (patting myself at the back...)

Gosh... i even stay over night... i had great time when ppl starting to scare each other out... although i actually DOZE off at 6 a.m.... opps... i need sleep..
To view more... click here.

Note: This is a private BBQ... for those uninvited..please do not get angry... decision is not for me to invite you or keep this event private. Posted by Picasa Pin It

Thursday, 15 June 2006

Sentosa Trip.

After our boring trips in visiting aquarium shops, we went to sentosa for a fun time!!! We only went there to watch the very last show of the day at the musical fountation. We were amazed by the laser and light effects using water.

And to think that we're going to sentosa next sunday again makes we feel excited!

For more pictures, click here.

Sorry for not blogging so long but due to technical problems, i did not manage to insert more posts.
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Saturday, 10 June 2006

Colour My World.

Heres's the start... We gave her a few colour markers, a few scrap papers, and left her to colour whatever she wants.

she learns really quickly when i taught her how to open the cap of the markers and close them. She started pretty fast too. Here's picture of her small hand...

See how serious she works???

She's realy happy to show her own work, and is defintely proud of it.

She keeps asking people for company!! she wants people to see watch she wants to draw. But little did she know, she's colouring our world. Posted by Picasa Pin It

Friday, 9 June 2006

BBQ - Our get together.

Sorry in advance for the blurry shots and highly saturated which is making me really mad... how can i take such bad photos. So if you were to go through they pictures and find them funny, blame the camera then. But the fact that we got great fun and talking together is unforgetable. Everyone sitting around watching TV and eat food. Some little jokes of dogs and vegetables (those been there should know what i mean.)

But luckily, this photo taken by my stupid camera has not fail to my last attempt, even the friendly dog looked at the camera!!! Although there are a lot of people have red eyes due to the shot, i managed to digitally edit it. (this is what digital's for.) Click here to enjoy.
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Wednesday, 7 June 2006

Celebrate as a family... Clue Layout #2

Yay!!! i finish it already, I support some people may have already know how long i've done this layout!!!

Haha.. look at my previous layout!

clue layout #1 - My Last Year

Thanks for everyone's support!

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