Monday, 5 June 2006

Self Portrait Challenge #2

My second blog challenge... this time is pop art... i hope i would get through this photo... i i love the colour combination of this photo.
Hope to hear more comments on this photo at their site. Posted by Picasa

well, my intention for this picture is to show how people have different moods at the same time... but they all can show same expression. You could see each colour is different and it combines as one, the white mood conveys the friendly mood, the orange is the warm mood, the blue of course is the moody... the last is the sad mood. These colur happen all the time at me! Pin It


  1. what is very cool is the circle of light with the square. was that intentional? the colour combo is cool - but it's the composition that makes this REAL. well done!

  2. haha.. yeah! it was! thanks.. i love your pop art too!

  3. Great colour and repetition! Totally Pop!