Thursday, 20 September 2007

Black and White.

Welll have been blogging formore than a month.Well, Promo exams are in 10 days time, sot here one thing i need to do. STUDY.No play.

Need to dicipline oneself.

Well, life in YJC isn't really that good. Ms Tan, asked me... why do you all have to complain about your school? well..... that what we do when things aren't worked out the JC system. let skip the rant.
Away from that, these photos are taken from Xyuyun at vintage camera finatic who just love the old camera tradition. Mind you, developing the flim is not easy at all..

here's one i took when i used his vintage cam and shoot.... i had exposed 3 4 photos i think... :( and i had many overexposed or underexposed, so the photo quailty isn't very good and guess what? Flim actually i didn't know that. Pin It