Saturday, 29 April 2006

Charyl in the park.

I felt it was a great chance to take pictures.
Within a short scroll around toa payoh park, we found really great spots for picture taking.

We great skies, light... (taking away the low pixels from this camera) as well photograph techniques.

It was considered well done.

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Friday, 28 April 2006

Which Cards are nicer?

From a cards magazine, we "lifted" one of their designs and made a great mother's day card for both their mums...
With my help, both my friends sinne and gershwin did a great job, seeing they have been doing it for the very first time.
Both looking plain but simple, hoping to touch both their mum's heart. Lucky mums!
Anyway, there is a competition by them to choose which one of the two cards is nicer. Apprently, i can't make a choice. Both of the cards are really good so i need you ppls help.
Click this link to help.
I can't find a place for public votes so you ppl need not sign in. so sorry, please tell me if there is, or register to the forum!
P.S: I allow ppl to add in their votes by putting into this comment or in my tagboard.

Sinne Inking the edges of her card.

Card By sinne

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Wednesday, 26 April 2006

Speech Day.

He thought this photo is deleted. How wrong.

View more in gallery with exclusive teachers... only a few pics... haha.

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Tuesday, 25 April 2006

Student Councillors Board

Yeah... All nice done.
well, these was really diffcult almost wanted to kill ben toh and yi wei.
the sec 2 aren't co-operating enough... i am going to impose physical punishments...
if not someone gotta help to put the message on their head...
Lots of ppl are surprised of the quality of the photos i've taken, and some was even shock of the low pixel camera i was using!!!
So it tells all.... no matter how high the pixel... its the technique and quality that counts... experience is to try and test.
. I . M . A . G . I . N . E .

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Nature By your side...
just a typical good day, good time and good mood.

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Monday, 17 April 2006

The 'wanted'

NO... this isn't done by me. REALLY, I didn't do this job. I had to take up the dirty job. People kept asking me, "Student Council Excetutive Committee Pictures? Wow, they look as though their wanted" another one told me, "this photo really sucks!"

So, I had been offered this task, but I REALLY want to show this to everyone. For who is it doneby, I cannot disclose him, but only to cirtisize him.
Well, no time to look see it for yourselves!

Friday, 14 April 2006


This album was done last year when I had the time. This album was done when i was insipired by the various articles I've seen. in case you don't know whose is she. Let me introduced to you. She is actually.... drumroll please...the little girl my mum used to babysit. isn't she sweet. These photos are specially selected by me to record each and every of her mile stones. I purposely made it easier for you to scroll down the album, Hope you enjoy!!!
If you want to view in sildeshows, go to Nikki's Album.
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Nikki 1

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Nikki 2

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Nikki 3

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Nikki 4

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Thursday, 13 April 2006

hey, where you get THAT?

This was my final product for karleen who wants it GOLD for her birthday present. I took my ages to wait and melt the gold embossing powder* to achieve this effect. I hoped she like it, seeing that she attached this keychain to her pencil case.
Happy Birthday, karleen!

*a powder that melts when heated

This is for sharmaine and sinne! They both loved orange. I painted orange and inked the sides with brown ink.

Well, of cousre this is for ME!!! Yeah, i actually made it from shrink plastics. here's how to:
1. buy a shrink plastic, an A4 size costs around $5
It has transparent, white black, i am using back.
2. Cut a desired shape
3. punch a big hole on the place you would attach your keychain ring.
4. paint and ink it.
5. Heat it in toaster oven, no setting required. (just watch it awe as it shrinks.)
6.use small tongs or twizers to remove your piece from the toaster.
7. press it flat woth scrap paper.
8. let cool.
9. attach keychain ring.
10. watch and admire
It was really hard as you have to make three in a day, you would sweat too much when you get near the oven... phew... no more birthdays please!
-its really cool to make, from a thin transparency plastic to a thick tough but sweet keychain! Posted by Picasa

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Wednesday, 12 April 2006

Croping session at Made With Love

Wow, I join the group at Made with Love (MWL) and i had lots of fun having to look into their pages!!! They were really Nice and great, we share different thing and also learnt new places to buy stuffs and all that. Having to chat, I've only create a little notebook for help incase of emergency insipiration. What more is better than custom made? So of course, I love it, hope you do to!
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