Friday, 28 April 2006

Which Cards are nicer?

From a cards magazine, we "lifted" one of their designs and made a great mother's day card for both their mums...
With my help, both my friends sinne and gershwin did a great job, seeing they have been doing it for the very first time.
Both looking plain but simple, hoping to touch both their mum's heart. Lucky mums!
Anyway, there is a competition by them to choose which one of the two cards is nicer. Apprently, i can't make a choice. Both of the cards are really good so i need you ppls help.
Click this link to help.
I can't find a place for public votes so you ppl need not sign in. so sorry, please tell me if there is, or register to the forum!
P.S: I allow ppl to add in their votes by putting into this comment or in my tagboard.

Sinne Inking the edges of her card.

Card By sinne

Card By Gershwin Posted by Picasa Pin It

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