Thursday, 13 April 2006

hey, where you get THAT?

This was my final product for karleen who wants it GOLD for her birthday present. I took my ages to wait and melt the gold embossing powder* to achieve this effect. I hoped she like it, seeing that she attached this keychain to her pencil case.
Happy Birthday, karleen!

*a powder that melts when heated

This is for sharmaine and sinne! They both loved orange. I painted orange and inked the sides with brown ink.

Well, of cousre this is for ME!!! Yeah, i actually made it from shrink plastics. here's how to:
1. buy a shrink plastic, an A4 size costs around $5
It has transparent, white black, i am using back.
2. Cut a desired shape
3. punch a big hole on the place you would attach your keychain ring.
4. paint and ink it.
5. Heat it in toaster oven, no setting required. (just watch it awe as it shrinks.)
6.use small tongs or twizers to remove your piece from the toaster.
7. press it flat woth scrap paper.
8. let cool.
9. attach keychain ring.
10. watch and admire
It was really hard as you have to make three in a day, you would sweat too much when you get near the oven... phew... no more birthdays please!
-its really cool to make, from a thin transparency plastic to a thick tough but sweet keychain! Posted by Picasa

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