Friday, 7 April 2006

My topic for today is about Scrapbooking. . .

I wrote this around a year ago, we were told to introduce a topic to the class, standing infront of everybody to speak, i found this in my disk, so happy reading!

Scrapbooking is a type of way store your photos neatly and adding some journals and be put together to form a page, and to enhance the page, embellishments are added to a scrapbook page. What actually are embellishments; they are things that are added for beautification, increasing the beauty or interests as well as the accents, embellishments used are like eyelets, snaps, braid, jump rings and so on. Eyelets, can actually be found in our daily life but is not noticed, if u can see the eyelets can actually be found at our shoes.To prevent photo from being damaged for fading, acid free materials are used in the process of creating a page. Cardstock that are used for scrapbook also have to be lignin free, lignin is something that is found naturally in the cells of the tree bark. An example of a paper which has high lignin content is the newspaper, after putting the newspaper to the sun, it turns brownish yellow. Without have acid and lignin, it allows the page to last even longer for about 50 years or so and will damage the photos. Although Scrapbooking is fun, but it can take lots of time and money to work on, many people from my type started out on rubber stamps and craft punch. All these handicraft works are actually from America which had already started for more than a century ago.I started first with craft punches for 5 years which then had been introduced unexpectedly when I walk into a shop in plaza Sing in this beginning of the year. Having personal financial difficulties as my parent refuses to raise my allowance, but luckily, I had been given a chance to work there to feed my addiction for Scrapbooking. Unfortunately, for me, I seem to be the youngest and the only male during their courses or when I had been working there, so I do hope there would be another person to accompany me and share my interest.
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