Sunday, 24 June 2007


This camp had been really fun and challenging even for a instructor. Do wait while i edit those 296 photos after I finish my lousy block test. The post on this camp will appear after 29th June. For those who campers/ teachers who has seen this post, do drop a note at the tagbox on your left. :)

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Monday, 18 June 2007


I practically checked every word of good bye on the thesaurus for the card i made for someone who has left teaching after 3 months with us. and that person is.....
Our GP teacher. Miss Lee (15th June, 5 p.m has passed, so lets call her Li Ying)
Thank you very much for all the thing you've taught us.
And so we got some presents other than a card. Thanks to some of the 120 (mainly eleanor tay, Leo and weiqin and many more) we got some stuffs for her.

And i left my camera off in the classroom where people got to play with it. And there we have some people with photographic and photogenic blood in them.

And we have some MUGGERS in the class. Photographic Evidence is not taken by me to prove it.
And we have some BORED and TIRED people.

Thanks to Sammer (Liying's friend)
we got some pictures taken without the need of an self-timer. She has loads and loads of funny ideas, and you'll see why.
Revenge is SWEET!
A simple photo: Li Ying with the guys.
And we have Liying resorting to death when her students are too smart for her to teach. We helped her to solve the problem quickly, we pushed her. LOL.
And lastly, we took a (half-the-class)class photo.

And then we went off to long john silver for a great dinner. Li Yong was telling us jokes that was sometimes really cold or making us burst with laughter. he played with Liying's toy. (that was totally weird.)
He made the giraffe drink some coke.
And went his jokes went dry, he started crapping. and we joined in the crap.
He seemed so bored.
Li Yong crapped more till we went home. And there you have it. On her very last day of teaching. Thank you once again.
P.s: I've posted so many pictures for the first time. and I'll be continuing blogging on the 29th of June due to the lousy block test coming the week after next. Wish me luck.
To Miss Lee: sorry arh, words correctted are in bold.
Plus: I will be away to camp on 20 to 23 of June. So long.

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Thursday, 14 June 2007

pre-u seminar.

This is something i would really miss- The Pre-university seminar 2007.
I would like to thank my seminar group 23 for giving me the wonderful 5 days together in NTU. You people really make me smile and enjoy the wonderful jokes together. I love especially the night we made jokes and laugh like crazy.
it came out wonderful when we don't even know a single bit of one another and it would defintely impossible to group us together like this where everyone is of a different school and is able to talk to one another so happily.

The first day was tiring but we did get to interview eric khoo ( as seen on the straits times: Tuesday 22nd may, Home section ) and we had fun racking ou brains together to get the interview done.

I'm really sorry to annabelle for putting up with the nonsense they made.... everyone was sleep like dat also what...)

The panel disscusion was really interesting where i gave puzzles to put the brainy people to the test, we even play werid games! (this including: how many 'maa maa/:sheep jump over the wall? Is this a string? Bang Bang who died? Look at my action closely: woosh, johny johny johny woosh...! what number is this? Why Fuzzy Wazy loves ___ but not ___?)

And thank god, YJC made have made a good effort in putting up the parallel presentation. I really crossed my fingers when the Q &A was ongoing.)

The special project task is sure tiring but fun, we learnt many fun IT stuffs and enjoy ourselves. Totally.

Thanks to kahlilah for the laughter and craziness we had together. (her fav sentence: dun anyhow wack ok!) ferena (so spastic!) shaoyong (sorry lah, sorry lah!)

my dearest SLOs Yang yi, Kahlilah, priscilla (the pure one) thank you for your help, you rock!

I guess the sad part was when we had to leave each other, i would really really miss you ppl like my hwa chong room mate, ZiQiao who made loads and loads of lame jokes. thank you everyone for ur sincere notes you wrote for me, i will always keep it in my heart. I know everyone would be leading different paths, but these memories together can never be forgotten.

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Friday, 8 June 2007

Finally- We meet again.

I'm all tired out this week but i have to post this.

Having graduated for so long (7 months?) , we've been missing each others company already. And i'm so glad that we could meet again- at my house neighbourhood park! We had about 2/3 of the class attending this very important event and 2 teachers (thanks for coming Miss Lee and Miss Teo!)
And of course, we had GREAT food, thanks to sharmaine, others who helped with the food.
hey, they really looked like they had fun! Though its a pity miss lee went off early.

and for those who can't attend or CHOOSE NOT TO, its too bad for you, we enjoy the company of each other for 2 years and we would like to keep in touch so much more. I thank those who had attended this event and i hope you've enjoyed it.
Take a look. we have all smiles and one really really gloomy face. (GWEE!why a black face?)
We have LOADS and LOADS of blurry photos taken by someone whom i passed the camera. (angeline i think.)

to view the fun we had... (some stayed at my house till 9a.m!) here is the rest of the photos. you can also click the title. Pin It

Saturday, 2 June 2007

6 months later...

... I finally finished the work, though i bought transparent plastic photo frame for more than 8 months and the idea came up to me for more than a year.

well, procrastination is a really bad thing.

and so, after going out for 2 weeks. (pre-university seminar and Outward Bound) I had the opportuntiy to give him the present last night when 3 of us (sharmaine, gershwin and me) went out for a impromptu movie. (shrek 3)
We Planned to trick him that he wouldn't get his present that day and so I pretended that i forgotten to bring his present. (after 6 monthas of wait, whats one more day of waiting?)

He fell into the trap. (we are very convincing actors you know.) and i gave shar to pass him the present while i take the pictures.
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