Friday, 8 June 2007

Finally- We meet again.

I'm all tired out this week but i have to post this.

Having graduated for so long (7 months?) , we've been missing each others company already. And i'm so glad that we could meet again- at my house neighbourhood park! We had about 2/3 of the class attending this very important event and 2 teachers (thanks for coming Miss Lee and Miss Teo!)
And of course, we had GREAT food, thanks to sharmaine, others who helped with the food.
hey, they really looked like they had fun! Though its a pity miss lee went off early.

and for those who can't attend or CHOOSE NOT TO, its too bad for you, we enjoy the company of each other for 2 years and we would like to keep in touch so much more. I thank those who had attended this event and i hope you've enjoyed it.
Take a look. we have all smiles and one really really gloomy face. (GWEE!why a black face?)
We have LOADS and LOADS of blurry photos taken by someone whom i passed the camera. (angeline i think.)

to view the fun we had... (some stayed at my house till 9a.m!) here is the rest of the photos. you can also click the title. Pin It

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