Sunday, 23 November 2008

hannah's celebration.

Loads of fun things happened during hannah's birthday including a really tone deaf singer and card games. We even had a really later supper together. And one thing i have learnt when giving girls stuff: always have a reciept attached to it, so they can exchange it. :)
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Saturday, 15 November 2008


Technically, my a-level examinations are not yet over. I still have one paper left but the feeling of it ending and never seeing that school makes me real happy. So need a rest from 2 years and stress and hardwork. Meanwhile, i'm planning to working and put up a good post-a-level's list where i get to complete the things i need to do 2 years ago. Now, I hope that the time ahead of me doesn't end and i would be able to enjoy the most of it.

It been such a long time since i blogged, though there are loads of photos but these are the ones i'll put up first.

The 2 cards (above): I went home to find that my cousin was waiting for me in my room. Though tired, i managed to get the 2 cards done for her teacher's day card. I so tired, i feel asleep right after finishing, unware of her presence.

Construction NOISE: I so have to say f*** to these ash*** who are building within metres of housing estates and making so much noise early in the morning, starting at 8 and ending at 11p.m!!! You know how freaking idoitic that was?!? Unable to end your sleep later and start your sleep earlier?

It made my room so uncondusive for studying! I totally need to complaint! It totally unglify the land and worse, polluting it with so much constructing vehicles (cranes, trucks) I have an ugly view from my window now. The land was to be so nice, though I don't mind them making it ugly, but the noise is just to much to bear.

I totally need a rest, studying so hard. They say: "JC only 2 years what?!?!" but little do they know, how unbearable it was. And i thought 'hey, its over' But no, looking out my window, I HEAR that i'm still suffering. Pin It