Thursday, 27 March 2008

family album

SIGH... a tough time right now, looking at results. after studying ever so hard for econs, i still failed and the marks is sooooooo close to passing. the inaquate time to study physics to make more time for econs also reap not-as-good-as-expected results. despite passing, GP isn't that comforting either. so frustrating.

a quick posting before i get to my work: this was probably done months ago, putting them up to remind me that i have to print more photos for this album. you can see the previous pages here.

my favourite page of the whole album... which quite linked to the cover photo of the album. here's the journal:

“Other things
may change us,
But we start and end
with family.”
anthony brandt

Relationships create the fabric of our lives. Thus, keeping all memories about relationships starts with family. Meeting at every opportunity possible deepens the bond between us. We know things about each other: what we food we love, things we do or stuffs we hate. And it is all recorded here. It’s a fact that this album is not finished and will never be. (Unless there is a run out on page protectors or the album simply can’t hold anymore pages.) Many cherished moments and fun times are kept in this large brown album. Enjoy.
January 2008
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Monday, 24 March 2008

pre-u sem album

After so many months, I finally finished my mini album! It took me quite some time using photoshop to create the size for the photos. You can view the uncut photos here. While searching the net for any additional photos, I found one of my team mates in pre-u sem, yingyi who wrote a journal for her school. So, i used her journal as part of my journal for this book as she has captured most of the things that I have forgotten already. Thanks yingyi!! here's the journal below.

The seminar, which started in 1970, is a yearly invitation to youths to engage in the political, social and economic issues that form the framework of Singapore’s society. To start off with, all 601 participants were divided into 30 groups, with each group member hailing from a different institution. Thus every participant had the chance to mingle with and get to know pupils from other schools. Every seminar group was assigned a domain to explore with regard to the ‘quintessential Singaporean’. Squeezing in time for our project into our already packed programme schedule was not easy. As a result, we had to work till the wee hours of the morning.
Panel discussion were making many of us sleepy after the difficult project task which even requires us to incorporate some of the new software by the organizers who supports this seminar. In spite of the lack of sleep, I forced myself to stay awake and listen (at some point of the time).
These discussions, with Members of Parliament and other Singaporeans who were active in the social scene, were really informative. The visit to instana was the highlight of Pre U Sem 2007 and the most highly anticipated programme. For many, it was our first encounter with the elite of the elites in Singapore. It was also our first visit to the grand Istana. The President, along with the other VIPs, mingled with the students and spoke to some. I got to do so too, if you count 'Good afternoon, Mr. President Sir'.

Well, the facilities in NTU were adequate and we had a chance to stay in the university hostel! It was like being a student there already. I had a room too, from Hwa Chong Institution, ZiQiao, quite a famous guy in the group, contributing to great ideas and telling everyone jokes. The group had such fun for the past 5 days, hanging out together.

Thanks to my pre-u sem mates, the album is dedicated to you, with special thanks to yingyi.
My pre-u sem mates:
Shao yong

Ying yi
Hui Mei

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Saturday, 22 March 2008

ipod mini uncovered!

ahhh..... its after block tests. I went to the library to borrow books and chance upon this book.... 'hack your camera'! reading that title made me stay in the library for 2 extra hours. That book requires you to borrow at the service counter and its thick, so i won't want to borrow it. (they are afriad of people hacking into cameras?) Reading the how-to book, i realised that it helps you to realise that maxmium potential* of your camera (and tell you that JPEG is no good and would cause quailty detoriation. )but it gives no guidence to repair my lose internal camera lens. Nevertheless, I saw that the last chapter had the ipod mini memory card. So I read through and decided to try to "undress" my then fashionable gadget to see its contents. I got the memory card (see below: white thing with the word 4GB Mircodrive) but my memory card comptaible photo printer shows an error message which means i can't use it for protable memory purposes!! arrgghhh!!! But its interesting to see what inside anyway....
P.S: its after the block tests for me, so maybe a scrap a little... look out for some scrapbook layouts and my family album. Also, I had a advertisement inquiry for this interesting forum on almost anything but mostly importantly it lets you rant about your life!!! (i went to check on it.... someone mention scrapbooking too!) Do click on the link to check it out for a win-win situation. (you get to talk... I get some money for my i-desperately-need-a-camera fund.) thank you.

*depends on your camera. Mine's beyond fixing.

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Thursday, 13 March 2008

Rainy Days.

the rainy days are making feel ever so hungry and sleepy. the weather makes it feel like you're in a humid air-con room every time. Not complaining because I'm now at home during the holidays and the rain is a great incentive for me to stay home and study. study. study.

But this is bad in some ways too.... i feel so BORED and hungry! Thinking of desserts all time and there isn't any in the house!!! ARRGGHH!

Thanks to the IT fair, I bought a 2 GB phone memory card but looking at those cameras makes me so sad. I want a new camera!!! But this point of time, I'll have wait for A level to end and start working like mad!
The recent family BBQ was quite nice but short due to the RAIN. Of course, the food is very delicious.
The favourite part of the night (before the rain) was the marshmellows!
The rain got even me and my cousin drenched! Ha... finally got get wet and have some fun! Now, I can only enjoy after the block tests.... :( as they say, JC life is boring. Pin It

Monday, 10 March 2008

Have a Laugh.

This greatly remind me of myself not having the time to scrap. Taking and printing those photos and leaving it in my transparent photo box. And its piling up. Sigh.
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Thursday, 6 March 2008


The most successful outing we ever had!!! We went to the national museum of singapore to view the greek masterpieces and they look really good (in terms of condition) after soooooooooo many years! Its been an interesting time there look at the pieces and the story behind each and every individual masterpieces.
But the sad thing is, my camera is working real bad and despite long hours of charging, it still went dead in less than an hours. Worse, the museum lights are in purple ( i think its on purpose) such that its really hard for us to take any pictures unless we're taking only the pieces.
Here's one interesting photo of william looking into the pot, I got billy to do the same for another piece but he didn't look real enough. but sadly, this photo is too blur!!! I need a new camera!
Here's one of the student docents speaking to us about one of the pieces... but he's really soft, so i started to take some picture of classmates listening intenly....
This two could make it as one of the pieces!!! Eleanor is just so creative and photogenic in which to take many pictures with weird poses! LOL. keep giving loads of funny ideas!

After all that, we went to the fish & Co. glass house (i think that's what's called) to gather together for debroah's farewell party. (i would call it early We have a super good time and the food taste really really good!!! There was atmosphere and music all together, forgeting that there were lessons and homework the very next day. To save the photos, click on the slideshow below or this blog post's title.

Edited: i added some photos from eleanor tay.

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Tuesday, 4 March 2008

tuesday :(

On a sad note, Deborah is leaving for ploy. But she left a super nice board, hand drawn of all the people in the class except her. :(

I realised my blog has been much less about my hobby... been doing other stuffs for other people and focusing on school work, i found these 3 cards that were made in minutes to give on teachers' day for my secondary school teachers which was not given due to the long college hours!!!
Here's some other "scrapbooking" stuffs... the swim team board for the school... the star pattern paper and paper die cuts by scenic route which is my recently discovered SB company that has really nice stuffs! But its sad to say that no one appreciates hard work in this school.... only want things done, but take no action.... stop demanding. :(

Okay.... time for homework! :(
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