Saturday, 22 March 2008

ipod mini uncovered!

ahhh..... its after block tests. I went to the library to borrow books and chance upon this book.... 'hack your camera'! reading that title made me stay in the library for 2 extra hours. That book requires you to borrow at the service counter and its thick, so i won't want to borrow it. (they are afriad of people hacking into cameras?) Reading the how-to book, i realised that it helps you to realise that maxmium potential* of your camera (and tell you that JPEG is no good and would cause quailty detoriation. )but it gives no guidence to repair my lose internal camera lens. Nevertheless, I saw that the last chapter had the ipod mini memory card. So I read through and decided to try to "undress" my then fashionable gadget to see its contents. I got the memory card (see below: white thing with the word 4GB Mircodrive) but my memory card comptaible photo printer shows an error message which means i can't use it for protable memory purposes!! arrgghhh!!! But its interesting to see what inside anyway....
P.S: its after the block tests for me, so maybe a scrap a little... look out for some scrapbook layouts and my family album. Also, I had a advertisement inquiry for this interesting forum on almost anything but mostly importantly it lets you rant about your life!!! (i went to check on it.... someone mention scrapbooking too!) Do click on the link to check it out for a win-win situation. (you get to talk... I get some money for my i-desperately-need-a-camera fund.) thank you.

*depends on your camera. Mine's beyond fixing.

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