Thursday, 13 March 2008

Rainy Days.

the rainy days are making feel ever so hungry and sleepy. the weather makes it feel like you're in a humid air-con room every time. Not complaining because I'm now at home during the holidays and the rain is a great incentive for me to stay home and study. study. study.

But this is bad in some ways too.... i feel so BORED and hungry! Thinking of desserts all time and there isn't any in the house!!! ARRGGHH!

Thanks to the IT fair, I bought a 2 GB phone memory card but looking at those cameras makes me so sad. I want a new camera!!! But this point of time, I'll have wait for A level to end and start working like mad!
The recent family BBQ was quite nice but short due to the RAIN. Of course, the food is very delicious.
The favourite part of the night (before the rain) was the marshmellows!
The rain got even me and my cousin drenched! Ha... finally got get wet and have some fun! Now, I can only enjoy after the block tests.... :( as they say, JC life is boring. Pin It

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