Thursday, 6 March 2008


The most successful outing we ever had!!! We went to the national museum of singapore to view the greek masterpieces and they look really good (in terms of condition) after soooooooooo many years! Its been an interesting time there look at the pieces and the story behind each and every individual masterpieces.
But the sad thing is, my camera is working real bad and despite long hours of charging, it still went dead in less than an hours. Worse, the museum lights are in purple ( i think its on purpose) such that its really hard for us to take any pictures unless we're taking only the pieces.
Here's one interesting photo of william looking into the pot, I got billy to do the same for another piece but he didn't look real enough. but sadly, this photo is too blur!!! I need a new camera!
Here's one of the student docents speaking to us about one of the pieces... but he's really soft, so i started to take some picture of classmates listening intenly....
This two could make it as one of the pieces!!! Eleanor is just so creative and photogenic in which to take many pictures with weird poses! LOL. keep giving loads of funny ideas!

After all that, we went to the fish & Co. glass house (i think that's what's called) to gather together for debroah's farewell party. (i would call it early We have a super good time and the food taste really really good!!! There was atmosphere and music all together, forgeting that there were lessons and homework the very next day. To save the photos, click on the slideshow below or this blog post's title.

Edited: i added some photos from eleanor tay.

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