Monday, 24 March 2008

pre-u sem album

After so many months, I finally finished my mini album! It took me quite some time using photoshop to create the size for the photos. You can view the uncut photos here. While searching the net for any additional photos, I found one of my team mates in pre-u sem, yingyi who wrote a journal for her school. So, i used her journal as part of my journal for this book as she has captured most of the things that I have forgotten already. Thanks yingyi!! here's the journal below.

The seminar, which started in 1970, is a yearly invitation to youths to engage in the political, social and economic issues that form the framework of Singapore’s society. To start off with, all 601 participants were divided into 30 groups, with each group member hailing from a different institution. Thus every participant had the chance to mingle with and get to know pupils from other schools. Every seminar group was assigned a domain to explore with regard to the ‘quintessential Singaporean’. Squeezing in time for our project into our already packed programme schedule was not easy. As a result, we had to work till the wee hours of the morning.
Panel discussion were making many of us sleepy after the difficult project task which even requires us to incorporate some of the new software by the organizers who supports this seminar. In spite of the lack of sleep, I forced myself to stay awake and listen (at some point of the time).
These discussions, with Members of Parliament and other Singaporeans who were active in the social scene, were really informative. The visit to instana was the highlight of Pre U Sem 2007 and the most highly anticipated programme. For many, it was our first encounter with the elite of the elites in Singapore. It was also our first visit to the grand Istana. The President, along with the other VIPs, mingled with the students and spoke to some. I got to do so too, if you count 'Good afternoon, Mr. President Sir'.

Well, the facilities in NTU were adequate and we had a chance to stay in the university hostel! It was like being a student there already. I had a room too, from Hwa Chong Institution, ZiQiao, quite a famous guy in the group, contributing to great ideas and telling everyone jokes. The group had such fun for the past 5 days, hanging out together.

Thanks to my pre-u sem mates, the album is dedicated to you, with special thanks to yingyi.
My pre-u sem mates:
Shao yong

Ying yi
Hui Mei

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