Saturday, 19 January 2008

photos and ice-cream

No link... but they are really a good combination for a smile. Block tests is over and time for some serious studying and s.s.p..... meanwhile... i'll take some rest.

I finally managed to edit my photos to make one photo file to print! So make 4 photos into 1 for print... I did it using photoshop, which cause me a lot of time! (not a familar program i use) Well, it was worth it.
But actually, i did it for the pre-u sem album which has a 5.5 x3" size that i can't print from a normal photo printing shop. and boy... printing them at 5R (6x8") is not cheap. Also, after counting the album many time and thought there were only 16 pages, altering the photos I realised it was 18 pages! so i'll have to print 2 more. soon.

My favourite dessert, Haagen-Dazs ice-cream!!! Got my favourite flavour, tiramsu. (which is also my other favourite dessert) And I finished it within 3 days! A new record! I'm ice-cream crazy i guess! Well, my 2 $10 haagen daz voucher is on the way...woohooo!!! Pin It

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