Sunday, 27 January 2008

Celebrating Values Day.

I was around 20 minslate, but that didn't matter... we are starting at 12p.m anyway... we started early of course (desperately needing to earn profits in order for getting our cost back) we set up quite quickly and started up our stuffs. All busy hanging up the nets and posters or preparing the tables.
Here's a good shot: Kaling making the syrup drink (Lime Barley) with terence hui as the drinks tester. You can see he's really working hard on it.)
Packing the cookies in an attactive way!

Way to go Miss Tan!

Here's one classic that i might never forget. Gilbert (captain of swim team) cross-dressing and also being a target to hit by water bombs! The interesting sign there puts it that he is a GUY, it says, " We are still humans. please do not hit our FACE or VITAL PARTS!" Hmmm.... might want to put this up on the swim team notice board..haha!!

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