Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Everyday Special.

Went to Ikea weeks ago. Having my favorite supper....!~ Totally enjoyed myself... walking alone at my own pace, looking at every little furniture or product Ikea has....
Here's one message from ikea I like. That's what life artist is about... Mad about the everyday stuffs!

One other special everyday, working on chemical experiments.... look closely... you'll see that the ash has a hint of GREEN.
This isn't something special but a gadget I use almost everyday and something bad bad bad is happening to it. Somehow the lens is not aligned, causing very huge problems in Zooming in or out and it can't retract its lens.... This can hold for the moment if I don't touch the zoom function but, I guess its gonna spoil soon. I thought fixing the memory card would have ended problems... but i was wrong. how am I gonna live without my trusty camera?

This of course, is VERY SPECIAL. Enjoying my favourite fruit...

....its the everyday.
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