Thursday, 7 February 2008

春 (chūn)

It's chinese new year again! I did loads and loads of cleaning to prepare for this day. This year, due to studies, I had lesser time to clean and arrange my stuffs, but i think my room is quite clean.

here's a little CNY deco to set up the mood in my room...
We never forget to exchange tangerines!
Here's photo they took years and years ago (this photo is probably older than me) Here's where we (the LEE family) gather every chinese new year without fail even until now. And we got a look at some old photos (not my generation) of my elders. Many of the furniture and stuffs still stays even for so many years and so, we could relate many stuffs we see today, that includes the little stones wall u see on the photo. Have a happy chinese new year! Pin It

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