Thursday, 14 February 2008


... is what you have been though with someone.

Time is tight and everything done is in such a rush that everyday we are rushing and not stop and enjoy the things around you, or thank the person you studying with for the help they have done.

So there's valentine's day. Here's to thank all those who have given me great valentine presents which i appreciate a lot. Thank you. (except for the naughty A who owes me my val present!)

I took some time last night to make some stuffs for people I know and would like to thank. They say sweets and chocolates ain't to be missed on this day. so i went off to NTUC (a.k.a aunty lucy) which i bumped into sinne!!! Haha.... the place was so crowded with students buying presents. Went home and rushed up those presents.

Here's to you. A rose I made for fun from ferro rocher. (the one you always see in their commerical)
Have a great valentine's day and enjoy things around you.
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