Thursday, 28 February 2008

It's bird... it's a plane!

taking the Saturday off from school work and went to the air show with gwee, w.k and yiwei.

The air show is really really good as we got to see many great planes including the BIGGEST commercial plane! We were all like woooh...and waahhh when watching the different planes performing different trips.
The exhibition was super big with different companies show off different parts of their air plane, and polished metal parts that we don't even know what it is for, but i was more like interested in their coffee machine. (one latte please.) at least we head on to the real life size working planes and there is some really cool private planes they've got! (having one on my 21st birthday, I
As usual, my camera is ever so lousy (get me a NEW ONE!!!) and so, during some point of time the lens inside which was lose, fell in place and got reversed, causing this weird but cool sensation that other camera DON'T HAVE! Haiz, I need to comfort myself to stay on with this camera, if not, burn a super duper huge hole on my pocket. So i have to tell myself: so what if its 3.2 mega-pixel and its huge? At least mine can do something other cameras can't.

Here's the slide show for the photos. You can click on this post title or the slide show above to see some of the videos and pictures that gwee and I took, thanks to yiwei great eyesight, helping us to spot the incoming planes!
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