Sunday, 31 December 2006

Bye 2006.

Taking this exit from 2006. Welcoming 2007, i am writing this on the very last day on 2006. What can i say?

i needed to put this seriously, life is full of regrets, there's highs and lows. I remember my teacher once told me, when ever you're at high, you're soon be low, and of course when your feeling low, you're soon be cheering up again. My words to you, my best friend, benjamin gwee.... a happy birthday to you.

I will put up my resloutions this year. (the first time i had ever made one.) and of course, i need myself and your help to put myslef to the test. I can do it.

A happy new year everyone, with better times ahead, and greater moments to remember, the past is a lesson and the future is a test. Put your greatest effort to it.

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My Lunch Box.

Finally, its done. I removed everything that was on my lunch box, i tear, rubbed, scrape as good as i could.
Then, i started look at papers, and there you have it, my favourite rhonna farrer papers! they were great.
i added on chatter box tile stickers! (the quotes!)
and i did a page pebble with my name on it! ( i did the same one on my phone!)

i added a tag on my altered box as an accessorie...

i'm lazy... not scrapbooking enough not productive. frankly, i've have not put up my photos into the net, i have tons of them.... the chalet, the camp i had recently.... i am super busy (or plain lazy) sitting in front of the computer is a chore, althought i had many times infront of it.

TSL is back yeah!!! i was in today at 12.01 a.m, as the 21st member in the!!!!

I love my lunch box. Still thinking of what to put on it though. Pin It

Thursday, 21 December 2006

Merry Christmas.

Christmas nearing and bad luck is falling on me eversince, my camera spoilt, idoitic cousins ruining my tools and suppiles of scrapbook. (DOn't you hate it when people touch things without your permission, least to say, your presence.)

well, i did a few stuffs, lazy to post, make a little christmas coaster album by sharon (scrap diva) during the TSL crop session.

i wrote: I am thankful for...
1.lots of love
2.strong family relationships
3.a comfy home
4.supportive friends :)
5.a healthy body
6.scrapbooking procceses
7.a creative mind scrapbook suppiles
9.a working computer
10.everything i own!

another 2 cards for made for my dad's oversea friends and also put up for the TSL challenge too.

i would make a few more... for my friends, but seriously not in the mood, so many bad thing happening to me, makes me fustrated, i would just take a book out and pretend nothing happened.
But now i really can't. my camera is spoil when i use brute force to pull out a damaged (not by me) card and there is nothing i could do except two choices:

1. buy a new camera. (a better one of course)

2. repair it. (please e-mail me if u know of any camera repairs in singapore)

i remade my MWL lunch box... super happy with it! i'll hope i'll take a pic of it soon!!!

on a happy note, MERRY CHRISTMAS! Pin It

Tuesday, 5 December 2006


Something i probably guess i have not much interest and i am sure i'll will not continue to work on it, unless for lesiure of course.
This boring sunday had me and cousins whinign for the whole afternoon, we drove to strange places from mosquito infested rivers. (thanks to my dad)
This was where we saw this wooden brige and decided to take some shots of it. But in a few moments, we headed off to another area.

This time, it was even more boring. Broken tiles, dog feaces, concrete waste, you name it, its there. This place was worse than we expected and we went there for no place to go. And worse, they caught NOTHING.

Of course, time is easily wasted when they camera is out. And there we had.... many shoots. Proud to be their photographer, my photogenic cousins.

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