Sunday, 31 December 2006

My Lunch Box.

Finally, its done. I removed everything that was on my lunch box, i tear, rubbed, scrape as good as i could.
Then, i started look at papers, and there you have it, my favourite rhonna farrer papers! they were great.
i added on chatter box tile stickers! (the quotes!)
and i did a page pebble with my name on it! ( i did the same one on my phone!)

i added a tag on my altered box as an accessorie...

i'm lazy... not scrapbooking enough not productive. frankly, i've have not put up my photos into the net, i have tons of them.... the chalet, the camp i had recently.... i am super busy (or plain lazy) sitting in front of the computer is a chore, althought i had many times infront of it.

TSL is back yeah!!! i was in today at 12.01 a.m, as the 21st member in the!!!!

I love my lunch box. Still thinking of what to put on it though. Pin It

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