Sunday, 31 December 2006

Bye 2006.

Taking this exit from 2006. Welcoming 2007, i am writing this on the very last day on 2006. What can i say?

i needed to put this seriously, life is full of regrets, there's highs and lows. I remember my teacher once told me, when ever you're at high, you're soon be low, and of course when your feeling low, you're soon be cheering up again. My words to you, my best friend, benjamin gwee.... a happy birthday to you.

I will put up my resloutions this year. (the first time i had ever made one.) and of course, i need myself and your help to put myslef to the test. I can do it.

A happy new year everyone, with better times ahead, and greater moments to remember, the past is a lesson and the future is a test. Put your greatest effort to it.

2007, a changed time. Pin It

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