Sunday, 23 May 2010



My very first long distance race: the 3km swimathon by Tri-factor at sentosa which was really scary for me as they had make sure you are really competent to swim in the sea which i know i'm totally not when i survive all the while in the camp's swimming pool which basically had nobody in. The competency test was required ad i couldn't find any qualifications that shows that i have swam more than 1.5km which i did before. I got head-on butt and suffered kicks in various parts of the body that i'm embrassed to mention during the time trial. However, the actual race got me pretty frustrated as i couldn't swim in the really straight line and the waves coming in from the side didn't helping much either as i kept drifting out the guiding line. my tongue stings a lot when i finish the first 750m of the race which would be solved with gargling mineral water and the whole cycle happens again in the next round as well as the next. I was kinda intimidated by "professional looking" people wearing real expensive swimming gear but the fear got away once i pass some of them. it shows thats you only need yourself to survive and overcome others in the race. ranked 70 out of 127 in 01:08:57.850.

My 2nd long distance race: the 25km passion run which i ran with my collegues was gruelling. Thank goodness for the waterpoints set-up at different parts of the race. I drowned myself with tons of 100plus to prevent cramps which i know would come once i stop. so i never did once stop and just grab two and ran. Ice mountain water means its a quick drink and a shower over my head. I did test a bit of gastric juices on the race and kept burping as i was really bloated from the water i drank. With high hopes of finishing the race, some posters along the way of ECP didn't help like the one outside the national sailing centre which reads: you think this is hard? Try sailing. But personally, with a wee bit of experience in saling during childhood, a marathon wins hands down on toughness. finished in 2 hours and 27 minutes.

More races to join this year, any interested race companions? (Hence, more broke. Marathons costs a bomb.)

As usual, card making is still the only way to get in touch with scrapbooking. Hope to make more all the time. sigh. Probably need to join some scrapbooking race to complete more projects.
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