Thursday, 28 February 2008

It's bird... it's a plane!

taking the Saturday off from school work and went to the air show with gwee, w.k and yiwei.

The air show is really really good as we got to see many great planes including the BIGGEST commercial plane! We were all like woooh...and waahhh when watching the different planes performing different trips.
The exhibition was super big with different companies show off different parts of their air plane, and polished metal parts that we don't even know what it is for, but i was more like interested in their coffee machine. (one latte please.) at least we head on to the real life size working planes and there is some really cool private planes they've got! (having one on my 21st birthday, I
As usual, my camera is ever so lousy (get me a NEW ONE!!!) and so, during some point of time the lens inside which was lose, fell in place and got reversed, causing this weird but cool sensation that other camera DON'T HAVE! Haiz, I need to comfort myself to stay on with this camera, if not, burn a super duper huge hole on my pocket. So i have to tell myself: so what if its 3.2 mega-pixel and its huge? At least mine can do something other cameras can't.

Here's the slide show for the photos. You can click on this post title or the slide show above to see some of the videos and pictures that gwee and I took, thanks to yiwei great eyesight, helping us to spot the incoming planes!
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Sunday, 24 February 2008

Our Bid for the Olympics.

In 2 years time, singapore will host the youth olympic games. How cool is that! well, all effort is paid off and I was really surprised to see that so many people (around 50,00) is at the padang to await the moment where the aunnocement is made. It was quite fun actually great performances and motivators to hyper up the place.

I forgot to bring my camera so I only used my phone to take the pics... the atmosphere there was pretty amazing....that's what happens when loads of young people come together.

Sadly, we were placed somewhat at the last row so we couldn't really feel that much of the energy.... but we had fun. I pretty much wanted to stay a little later to have some more fun but many were eager to go home and study.

The video below is taken when the president of the olympics anounnced the news. Sorry for the shaking... caused by the people jumping with joy at the temporary audience stand.

P.S:This college life is darn boring... I feel a little stupid and sad to stay outside of the hall while J1s enjoy (or some don't) the "concert" to wait for them to finsih and have dinner with them. My poor friend was used as a bait to show others that we are restricted. (the school wanted to expel him!) Well, this school have no life at all... I wonder why i managed to stay here and ot go crazy.

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Thursday, 14 February 2008


... is what you have been though with someone.

Time is tight and everything done is in such a rush that everyday we are rushing and not stop and enjoy the things around you, or thank the person you studying with for the help they have done.

So there's valentine's day. Here's to thank all those who have given me great valentine presents which i appreciate a lot. Thank you. (except for the naughty A who owes me my val present!)

I took some time last night to make some stuffs for people I know and would like to thank. They say sweets and chocolates ain't to be missed on this day. so i went off to NTUC (a.k.a aunty lucy) which i bumped into sinne!!! Haha.... the place was so crowded with students buying presents. Went home and rushed up those presents.

Here's to you. A rose I made for fun from ferro rocher. (the one you always see in their commerical)
Have a great valentine's day and enjoy things around you.
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Thursday, 7 February 2008

春 (chūn)

It's chinese new year again! I did loads and loads of cleaning to prepare for this day. This year, due to studies, I had lesser time to clean and arrange my stuffs, but i think my room is quite clean.

here's a little CNY deco to set up the mood in my room...
We never forget to exchange tangerines!
Here's photo they took years and years ago (this photo is probably older than me) Here's where we (the LEE family) gather every chinese new year without fail even until now. And we got a look at some old photos (not my generation) of my elders. Many of the furniture and stuffs still stays even for so many years and so, we could relate many stuffs we see today, that includes the little stones wall u see on the photo. Have a happy chinese new year! Pin It

Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Everyday Special.

Went to Ikea weeks ago. Having my favorite supper....!~ Totally enjoyed myself... walking alone at my own pace, looking at every little furniture or product Ikea has....
Here's one message from ikea I like. That's what life artist is about... Mad about the everyday stuffs!

One other special everyday, working on chemical experiments.... look closely... you'll see that the ash has a hint of GREEN.
This isn't something special but a gadget I use almost everyday and something bad bad bad is happening to it. Somehow the lens is not aligned, causing very huge problems in Zooming in or out and it can't retract its lens.... This can hold for the moment if I don't touch the zoom function but, I guess its gonna spoil soon. I thought fixing the memory card would have ended problems... but i was wrong. how am I gonna live without my trusty camera?

This of course, is VERY SPECIAL. Enjoying my favourite fruit...

....its the everyday.
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