Monday, 15 October 2007

Life is a box of chocolates.

You're never know what you gonna get. A really nice quote i got from the 7gypises pattern paper chosen by the cardmaker. (not me) Well, its really been making me put in with loads of thought into things happening in me this year. I ask myself: Why Me?

This year I have lost, damaged things I been longing for. Just recently, my 27 day old phone (6120 classic) was lost when it drop out of my really big pocket without any awareness. Of course, singaporeans don't return phones. so that's the end to it. (unless you want to count the other lost: my shorts with really big pocket..... in the BIN)

Also, I've damaged my lovely olympus camera... and probably the new one.... and lost one of my 4 NEW rechargable batteries and many more.

Yeah. You never know what you gonna get? Nah. You never never know what you gonna lose.

Opps wait, perhaps that sentence was right....

Dear Terence,

Just to let you know, your written report will be returned to you on the 18th and 19th of October for one last revision. It will be the final opportunity for you to adhere to any observations made by the examiners.

All the best for your promos.
Regards,-- イヤン王教師歴史部門イシュン高校
Well, promo's are finally over and I'm really really crossing my fingers. I need some good rest. Thanks guys for the cycle trip. was fun. Missed upper pirece resirvor.... i wanna play frisbee or volleyball now! (Not that I'm good at sports.) Haiz, swimming next wednesday. better build it up!
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