Sunday, 11 April 2010



 I love watching fireworks so much that i forget to take photos of them. extremely happy for my friends right now as they have finished their poly exams and will be having some off time and deserved rest soon. I miss talking to them and meeting up, its been 3 months already. Being in this job scope is so hard to just take some time off and do enjoy getting together with old friends. this year things are getting way different- unappreciative work, boring chores and routine.  Now, i'm on duty serving the country alone on this supposely recreational day.feeling ever so lonely and having so many things on my mind causing sleepless and hopeless when you are drifting away and some random but seemly important thought goes through your mind and wake you up again. I put off posting so many stuffs such that having pretty much nothing to say and this year isn't a postive one to work with, making it all the worse time ever.
This year however, i did something really really unexpected: i am signing up for trialthon and a 3km swimathon with a few half marathons to go as well. A really tough decision that cause yet another sleepness night, but finally i decided that this was the right time. if not now, then when? but my time trail is coming- 24 apr and actual on 5 may which made me a little worried with duties and things to do for the nation. so missing talking to people i missed. driving test this month also makes it more hectic. Hoping to scrap more this year when i get a all-powerful motivating tool (having this tool already have given me insomnia.) Now, i'm just going with the flow. sorry if you don't understand what i'm talking. i'm drifting away again.
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